Liberty Now – Zlata Razdolina (Part 2)

Zlata Razdolina, composer, author, and performer began her career performing her works at the artist’s organization “Lenconcert” in Leningrad. She is a Laureate of many national and international music competitions. Among her awards is her laureate at the all-Russian competition celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Victory over Fascism.

Her repertoire includes more than six hundred romances and songs is composed of the famous Russian classical poets, Akhmatova, N.Gumilyov, O. Mandelstam, M. Tsvetayeva, Blok, Severyanin, Yesenin and others. These works, based on love poems, are set to music. This music has been successfully performed and accepted with great acclaim.

Anat Kuznetzov-Zalmanson (Part 1)

Anat is the daughter of Edward and Sylvia, who challenged the Soviet government in 1970 by demanding the freedom of emigration. Even though the attempt was unsuccessful, it was a pivotal event in the course of the Cold War because it drew international attention to human rights violations in the USSR and resulted in temporary loosening of emigration restrictions.
Anat making a documentary about the participants, hijacking, the court, which sentenced Kuznetsov and Dymshits to death and the other members to long imprisonment. It has been her life goal to make this movie about the journey of her parents. This will be her first feature documentary. Anat studied film-making in London Film School and has had a successful career in the music video and commercial industry.

Anat Kuznetzov-Zalmanson (Part 2)

During the Cold War the Iron Curtain was shut, leaving the people of the USSR hidden and isolated from the world. Many wanted to escape from this isolation but their rights and liberty had been taken away. The feature documentary “Next Year In Jerusalem” tells the story of a group of 15 Soviet civilians, mostly Jewish, who in 1970 had the courage to stand up and fight for their freedom. They plotted to charter a plane, throw out the pilots before takeoff, and fly it to Sweden, knowing they faced a huge risk of being captured or shot down. They proceeded in the hopes that this action would give them a platform to inform the world of the conditions behind the Iron Curtain. They were arrested near Leningrad, imprisoned in Siberian work camps and two of them where sentenced to death. However, their message got out and as a direct result of their bravery, world pressure forced the USSR to open its curtain and throughout the 1970’s 163,000 Jews immigrated (Aliya) to Israel. It started with the action of a few, the few became many, and the echoes of their bravery have reverberated through history. This documentary, directed by the daughter of the group’s leaders, will tell the whole story for the first time.

Press Club: February 19, 2017

Илья Левков анализирует последние международные события в программе Пресс Клуб на канале РТН.
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