• Prison Diaries (English)

    Eduard Kuznetsov

    In 1970 a small band of Soviet Jews, led by Eduard Kuznetsov and emboldened by the heroism of the Israelis in the Six-Day War, conceived …

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  • Перо сильнее меча: Борьба с советской пропагандой - Лев Шапиро

    The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: Battling with Soviet Propaganda

    Lev Shapiro

    The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: Battling with Soviet Propaganda presents a new window into the struggle of Soviet Jews for their freedoms and …

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  • Вспять реки ДНК - Анна Иделевич

    DNA of the Reversed River

    Anna Idelevich

    DNA of the Reversed River is the science-fiction / romantic journey of three scientists – one of which is the author herself. The novel explores …

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  • Guard Thy Heart

    Siwar al Assad

    The newest French novel from acclaimed European author Siwar al Assad now available to English readers for the first time! What should you do when …

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  • АнтиУтопия – Татьяна Ананич


    Tatiana Ananich

    Tatiana Ananich is a poet of original intuitive thinking who’s poetry demands inquisitive reading. Saturated with bright metaphors and allusions, covering both contemporary and cultural …

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  • Snow Goose Chronicles – Olya Samilenko

    Snow Goose Chronicles

    Olya Samilenko

    Samilenko’s The Snow Goose Chronicles describes what can only be called the genocide of the peasants. She includes the GULAGs, labor camps in Karelia, especially …

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  • Anti-Development Mode

    Andrey Deev

    Anti-Development Modedefines a new understanding of totalitarianism, as a vector of one of the types of political regimes. In a unique style and exciting form, …

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  • My Stone Suit is Too Tight

    Alexander Khochinsky

    Lyrical poetry about life and longings in Leningrad during 1970-ies. Interesting, touching and revealing. 107 pages, includes author’s photos My Stone Suit is Too Tight is …

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  • Bulat Okudzhava : I Want to Resurrect my Ancestors

    Marat Gizatulin

    Bulat Okudzhava : I Want to Resurrect my Ancestors from Great Grandmother Elizabeth to Grandmother Elizaveta. Leading contemporary Russian master of short stories flexes his …

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  • The Art of Understanding People

    Marat Gizatulin

    Contemporary Russian master of short stories Marat Gizatulin presents a rare glimpse into the lives of ordinary Soviet citizens … The lyrical hero of his …

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  • Огненная тропа - Наталья Романовна

    The Fiery Path

    Natalia Romanova

    Natalia Romanova’s first publication, a collection of a raw, intensive and volcanic poetry. With a background in theater and acting, Ms. Romanovna studied drama at …

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  • Dilettante - Gregory Haimovsky


    Gregory Haimovsky

    This volume concludes the trilogy that merges Music, Musicians and Love. Gregory Haimovsky, a renowned musician and professor of music, composes his heroes with substance …

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  • Война и правда: Цена победы - Гавриил Попов

    War and Truth

    Gavriil Popov

    Gavril Popov, Moscow’s first elected mayor, presents a revisionist view of WWII that sent a tremor through the Russian leadership, and prevented its publication in …

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  • Russia Demystified - Elgiz Pozdnyakov

    Putin’s Russia Demystified: The Search for Modern Russia

    Elgiz Pozdnyakov

    Elgiz Pozdnyakov is a prominent scientist, professor and member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Russian Federation. He has written several works on political …

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  • Republic of Azerbaijan UN Security Council

    The Republic Of Azerbaijan in the United Nations Security Council 2012 / 2013

    Edited by Agshin Mehdiyev and Tofig F. Musayev

    The book “The Republic of Azerbaijan in the United Nations Security Council 2012/2013” provides comprehensive information about the work of the Republic of Azerbaijan over …

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  • Sergey Volchkov-Predvechny

    Seventh Heaven

    Sergey Volchkov-Predvechny

    The art of the short story has been resuscitated back to life by the pen of this young author. Continuing the tradition of Franz Kafka, …

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  • Alexander Zagorulko

    Duel in Crimea: Maximilian Voloshin-Bela Kun

    Alexander Zagorulko

    A documentary novel about the occupation of Crimea by communists during the Civil War. Voloshin-poet, writer, philosopher and historian, the last symbol of pre-revolutionary Russia, …

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  • В тисках правоcудия Михаил Белаковский

    In the Clutches of Justice

    Michael Belakovsky

    A gripping true story of an American citizen lured from his home in Cyprus to Moscow by the Russians only to be handed over and …

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  • Stepping Down from the Stars - Alexandra Costa

    Stepping Down From a Star

    Alexandra Costa

    A dramatic true story of the first Soviet female diplomat that decided to remain in Washington rather than return to USSR. In August 1978 the …

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  • Илья Котляр & Борис Котляр

    Memories of a Bygone Era | My Path to America

    Ilya Kotlyar & Boris Kotylar

    Two books of memoirs. The Father and Son are connected in one volume, thus creating the unique historical notes of two generations. The book by …

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  • Pentagon - Richard Pearle


    Richard Perle

    In this autobiographical novel, Richard Perle successfully utilizes his knowledge of Washington to present a very informative picture of the classical political triangle of power: …

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  • My West Bank

    Alon Gook

    Alon Gook describes his initial steps as a volunteer in the Israeli army, and later involvement in a elite commando unit that specialized in extricating …

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  • Золотые Перчатки - М. Салита и Г. Петров

    Golden Gloves

    M. Salita & G. Petrov

    “Golden Gloves” is the compelling biography of Ukrainian born Jewish-American boxer Dmitriy Salita. The book is uniquely written from beginning to end in the in …

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  • Alexander Tavrovksy

    Judgment Night

    Alexander Tavrovsky

    Summer 1945. The fires of WW2 engulfed Europe. Erased were the old borders, and the new not yet born. Millions of people wander through Europe …

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  • Сергей Кардашян - Юный Капитан

    Young Captain

    Sergei Kardashian

    Sergei Kardashian’s book is a continuation of the classic genre of adventures on the high seas, and the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and morality. Reminiscent …

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  • Зубр - Сергей Кардашян

    The Bison

    Sergei Kardashian

    In the enchanted glade of the dark forest, adventures are afoot. The main participants: grandfather, the hunter, his grandson and a bison. Through these adventures, …

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  • Grigory Rasputin - My Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

    My Pilgrimage to Jerusalem (bilingual)

    Grigory Rasputin

    There are few figures in history to whom so much research, literary biographies, memoirs, novels and films have been devoted than the Siberian “wise man” …

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  • Blood and Sweat - Abdi-Jamil Nurpeisov

    Blood and Sweat

    Abdi-Jamil Nurpeisov

    We, the Kazakhs… So little is known about this people and their vast country, the world’s ninth largest, though the Kazakhs have seen much of …

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  • Final Respects - Abdi-Jamil Nurpeisov

    Final Respects

    Abdi-Jamil Nurpeisov

    We, the Kazakhs… Western readers know little about this people or their vast country, the world’s ninth largest, although the Kazakhs have seen much of …

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