• Leah Goldberg cover

    Letters from an Imaginary Journey

    Lea Goldberg

    In the fall of 1934, a young woman, Ruth, flees from an unhappy relationship. From Berlin, Cologne, Brussels, Bruges, Ostend, Paris, and Marseilles, she writes to her new love – an imaginary man named Immanuel. Yet her many faraway travels are only in her imagination; her letters are from an imaginary journey.

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  • A Book of Different Times and Aspirations

    Andrei Nazarov

    Тhe central theme of this book is Russia and the uniqueness of its culture and people.
    The narrative forms of Nazarov are stories and epiphanies.

    Andrey Nazarov is a Russian writer living in Denmark since 1981. He is the Editor of the literary magazine Novy Bereg (New Shore). His novel “Sand House” was nominated for the first Russian Booker Prize in 2000. Nazarov won the Russian Prize in the category Short Prose in 2009.

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  • Return of the Sage - Anuar Alimzhanov

    Return of the Sage

    Anuar Alimzhanov

    This book is currently available only in eBook format from: Apple Books and Google Play – $5.99. “Return of the Sage” is the novelization of …

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  • MONTEVIDEO - Mark Melik-Arakelyan-front-cover


    Mark Melik-Arakelyan

    Available in eBook format from: Apple Books and Google Play – $5.99. Мир этой книги населяют чудовища: уль и джуга, зеебек и эф-путятин — создатели, …

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  • Igor Korolkov Cover

    Cross – to the Uninvited

    Igor Korolkov

    Более двух тысячи лет человечество ждет пришествия Христа. Люди верят: с его приходом на земле воцарится мир и счастье.
    Но вот в центре Москвы у храма Христа Спасителя появился нищий. Он пришел не в белых одеждах, и в нем не признали сына Божьего.
    А когда признали, страна забурлила. Как и две тысячи лет назад перед властью встал вопрос: как быть?

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  • Матвей Мазуренко - Пока летит "Апельсин"

    While the “Orange” Flies

    Matvey Mazurenko

    Классическая научная фантастика научного деятеля из Новосибирска о будущем Земли, инопланетянах и Морали, благодаря которой существует шанс спасти наш сверчок…

    Прибывшие на Землю для ее уничтожения инопланетяне, называющие себя аффалинами, меняют свои намерения, обнаружив на планете большое количество вырабатываемых человечеством нравственных ценностей, которые являются топливом для их цивилизации.

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  • The Extremist

    Danil Rusakow

    The Extremist examines modern Russian protests and describes the present regime and civil society’s resistance to dictatorship. The country is filled with protesters in search of a new model for their country.

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  • Дальнобойщик

    Long-Haul Truckers

    Шавкат Азимов и Музаффар Суфихужаев

    Эта книга впервые рассказывает о тяжелых и порой опасных буднях невидимых героев “дальнобойного фронта,” – американских водителей, доставляющих грузы во все уголки страны.

    Главные герои – недавние эмигранты из Средней Азии, зарабатывающие свой нелегкий хлеб дальними перевозками. У них есть свой «внутренний груз» – будь то последствия Второй мировой войны, бои в Афганистане или национальные традиции, трудно совместимые с американскими реалиями.

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  • The Redeeming Power of Love (English)

    Michael Bobyr

    In this autobiographical novel, author Michael Bobyr takes the reader on a journey through his memories, piecing together all of the facets of his life …

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  • Vladimir Solovyov - Schrödinger's cat cover

    Schrödinger’s Cat

    Vladimir Solovyov

    Vladimir Solovyov’s Schrödinger’s Cat is a dramatic political thriller with complex intrigue on the surface with a psychoanalytic and anthropological analysis of despotism. It is about an ideological tendency and political structure, as well as a malignant disease that metastasizes into people’s souls and becomes incurable.

    This book was written by an insider of a despot ruled city. The despot is interested in history’s evaluation of his personality, and his political model, which he considers to be ideal and indelible. The “Governor” is confident that the system he created would survive and continue to thrive in his post-mortem existence.

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  • Георгий Пряхин

    And a Black Pirate Rag Flies Above Us…

    Georgi Pryakhin

    A collection of historical, biographical essays on the leading Soviet and foreign personalities from 1950 to the present. Georgy Pryakhin’s unique writing style combining actual …

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  • Александр Лыгин

    The Interrupted Flight

    Alexander Lygin

    Оn September 11, 2001, the most tragic day of America, 2,975 innocent people were murdered. But this cold statistical number blends the depth of this …

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  • Live Life

    Anna Boginskaya

    XXI век – век открытой информации и общедоступных знаний – ПРЕВРАТИЛ МАНИПУЛЯЦИЮ В ПОВСЕДНЕВНУЮ РЕАЛЬНОСТЬ! Если ты думаешь, что пикап — это техника быстрого соблазнения, …

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  • Sin of Forgiveness

    Anna Boginskaya

    XXI век – век открытой информации и общедоступных знаний – ПРЕВРАТИЛ МАНИПУЛЯЦИЮ В ПОВСЕДНЕВНУЮ РЕАЛЬНОСТЬ! Манипуляция – это скрытый психологический прием, цель которого – получить …

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  • Зеэв Фридман

    The Eve of November Seventh

    Ze'ev Fridman

    The Eve of November Seventh is the tragic story of a lonely, artistic, sensitive man who lives in a grey and depressing totalitarian society. He …

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  • Alexander-Dmitriev Little Man in Big City Cover

    Little Man in the Big City

    Alexander Dmitriev

    «Маленький человек большого города» Александра Дмитриева – это книга о нас с вами, а это всегда интересно. Русский Дмитриев со своей женой еврейкой и детьми …

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  • Катерина Скородинская Polukrovka front cover

    Americans in Full Color

    Katerina Skorodinskaya

    Katerina Skorodinskaya’s charming collection of novels and short stories is a rewarding read on how America and Americans are perceived by a Russian author. Skorodinskaya’s …

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  • Эхуд Дискин

    Lonely Wolf in Jerusalem

    Ehud Diskin

    Ehud Diskin’s historical WW2 novel opens as the Nazis armies capture the western part of Russia, including Belorussia and its capital Minsk. Jews are fenced into ghettos from which they are taken to killings ravines. Seventeen-year-old David escapes the ghetto by himself and joins the partisans. During the next three years, he survives by fighting German soldiers and hiding in the forest and marshes. He quickly matures beyond his age and acquires fighting and survival skills.

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  • Don’t Ever Say You’re Walking Your Last Path

    Michael Goldshvartz

    A piercing tale about music, love, betrayal and hatred. The story is narrated by the soul of a Jewish pianist, who died while in custody …

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  • Ekatarina Salmanova

    Sex and Lies in American College

    Ekaterina Salmanova

    A college rocked by scandal. A popular professor accused of sexual assault by his secretary. The lawyer tasked with the case is told to keep …

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  • Вспять реки ДНК - Анна Иделевич

    DNA of the Reversed River

    Anna Idelevich

    DNA of the Reversed River is a science-fiction / romantic journey of three scientists (one of which is the author herself), working to discover the …

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  • Serpant's Bite

    The Siberian Viper

    Nikolai & Tatiana Arzhanov

    A crime thriller revolving around the hunt for a mysterious killer plaguing the far corners of eastern Siberia. In the stairwell of a multistory apartment …

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  • Guard Thy Heart

    Siwar al Assad

    The newest French novel from acclaimed European author Siwar al Assad now available to English readers for the first time! What should you do when …

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  • The Threads of Arina

    Anna Niehaus

    Anna Niehaus weaves together a brilliant thriller that is part family saga and part mystery. The heroine, Arina, confronts a family curse in order to …

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  • Nontraditional Love - Rafael Grugman

    Nontraditional Love (English)

    Rafael Grugman

    The scene is the twenty-third century. At the heart of the novel is a love story between a man and a woman who are forced …

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  • Implants and Green Card

    Mikhail Shanidze

    Endearing and unforgettable friction and conflicts between two Russian emigres – she is from Leningrad, he is from Ukraine.  Centered in California, their story chronicles …

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  • Leonid-Rivkin - Hobbes-Hunt

    Hobbes’ Hunt

    Leonid Rivkin

    A novel, and collection of short stories. Rivkin’s heroes are built on the Hobbes’ dictum ” Man is a wolf to man”. The events take …

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  • Haimovsky-Violino-D'amore

    Violino D’Amore

    Gregory Haimovksy

    Over twenty five years Gregory Haimovsky headed the Chamber Department at the New York University and prior to this held central positions in Germany, Israel …

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  • Confessions of a Muscovite Beauty Lyudmila Kantor-Khazina

    Confessions of a Muscovite Beauty

    Lyudmila Kantor-Khazina

    Lyudmila Kantor-Khazina presents her latest collection of most memorable stories. This book is currently unavailable. 360 pages

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  • Tropic of Cancer

    Henry Miller

    First published in 1961, Tropic of Cancer led to an obscenity trial that was one of several that tested American laws on pornography in the …

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  • Mother Night

    Kurt Vonnegut

    The Russian translation of Kurt Vonnegut’s classic Mother Night. The fictional memoirs of Howard W. Campbell Jr., and american who moved to Germany in 1923 …

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  • Валерия Коренная

    Solitaire Length of Life

    Valeria Korennaya

    This book consists of 72 pages of poetry, followed by a short novel in which Korennaya unveils the dramas of the Russian bohemian life in …

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  • Бремя - Наталия Волкова

    Yoke – A Story of One Soul

    Nataliya Volkova

    It is an inspiring drama of a woman who decides to leave her husband and immigrates to the US. Travails chase her in the new …

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  • Anna-Geifman

    And Death Will Be Your Goddess

    Anna Geifman

    The Birth of Political Terrorism in Russia: 1900-1914 (And Death Will Be Your Goddess) is a fascinating study of the descent of a “pure” ideology …

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  • Yuriy Druzhnikov

    Angels on a Needle Head

    Yuri Druzhnikov

    A forbidden manuscript that is discovered in the safe of a leading newspaper creates the unexpected tremors that reverberate through each and every coworker, creating …

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  • Vissarion Sisnev

    In High Society

    Vissarion Sisnev

    A highly refined portrait of the Soviet political elite and their children from the fifties through the eighties. The author who initially challenged this elite …

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  • Painting for a President

    Leonid Zonshayn

    Zonshayn presents short novellas about post-communist life in the hinterlands of Siberia. The gallery of characters is wide and enticing, with many of his heroes …

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  • Raphael’s Testament

    Gregory Haimovsky

    Over twenty five years Gregory Haimovsky was head of the Chamber Department at the New York University, and prior held central positions in Germany, Israel …

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  • Porcelain Cups

    Alexander Zagoroulko

    Porcelain Cups is a vignette of a beloved tea set being passed though history and time from one owner to another. The story begins in …

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  • Polyushko-Poleh

    David Markish

    The destiny of three Jewish brothers during the Russian Civil War is full of drama and political intricacies. The central figure in this drama is …

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  • The Star of Chernobyl

    Yuliya Voznesenskaya

    This docudrama is akin to Chekhov’s Three Sisters; the unprecedented explosion at the Chernobyl atomic station in the Ukraine, delivers very vivid tones and pictures …

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  • Blown-Away-Leaves

    Flown Away Leaves

    Vladimir Yedidovich

    This book of short stories and reminiscences is a selection of over 500 articles Yedidovich published in the Russian press including in the weekly Forverts …

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  • Shagorodsky

    The Sad Mockingbird

    Lev & Alexander Shargorodsky

    The two successful screen writers Lev and Alexander Shargorodsky are practically the only former Soviet writers who upon emigration to Switzerland successfully landed similar jobs …

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  • Секретные записки гинеколога Михаил Цирюльников

    Secret Diaries of a Russian Gynecologist

    Mikhail Tsiryulnikov

    Professor Tziryulnikov is a world-renown gynecologist whose major innovation carries his name. He was considered one of the leading soviet gynecologists and for the last …

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  • Grevory Haimovsky white-buffalo-Russian 2

    White Buffalo (Russian)

    Gregory Haimovsky

    White Buffalo is a collection of short lyrical stories centered around one topic: the aesthetics in music which Professor Haimovsky is thoroughly familiar with after …

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  • Roman Sodolnikov - Soldier of the Devil

    Soldier of the Devil

    Roman Solodovnikov

    Akin to the famous film The Devil’s Advocate, an encounter between a woman and a stranger develops into most astute conflict between the Good and …

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  • Виктор Корченов

    Collections: How are they Born and Wither Away

    Viktor Korchenov

    Stories about collectors of Odessika – all that pertains to the history of the city of Odessa and the biography of those collectors. Hard cover, …

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  • Dilettante - Gregory Haimovsky


    Gregory Haimovsky

    This volume concludes the trilogy that merges Music, Musicians and Love. Gregory Haimovsky, a renowned musician and professor of music, composes his heroes with substance …

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  • Хранитель сокровищ - Максим Корсаков

    Guardian of Treasure

    Maxim Korsakov

    This historical thriller is akin to an Indiana Jones adventure taking place in the land of Genghis Khan. The book also includes a chapter about …

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  • Операция «Мавзолей» Владимир Соловьев

    Operation Mausoleum

    Vladimir Soloviev

    The political thriller that foresaw the toppling of Gorbachev by the KGB. An American journalist of Russian extraction is arrested and manipulated by the KGB …

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  • Russian Seven

    Eduard Topol

    Seven members of an elite Soviet military unit that served in Afghanistan, hide and defend one of their comrades from encroaching KGB agents. The master …

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  • Месть - Джордж Джонас


    George Jonas

    Vengeance is a true story that reads like a novel. It is the account of five ordinary Israelis, selected to vanish into “the cold” of …

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  • Sergey Volchkov-Predvechny

    Seventh Heaven

    Sergey Volchkov-Predvechny

    The art of the short story has been resuscitated back to life by the pen of this young author. Continuing the tradition of Franz Kafka, …

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  • Alexander Zagorulko

    Duel in Crimea: Maximilian Voloshin-Bela Kun

    Alexander Zagorulko

    A documentary novel about the occupation of Crimea by communists during the Civil War.

    Voloshin-poet, writer, philosopher and historian, the last symbol of pre-revolutionary Russia, is being crushed and subdued by Bela Kun – Lenin’s commissar who directs the “Red Terror” guards in Crimea. This historical novel parallels the period and events described by Pasternak in his novel “Doctor Zhivago” with one important distinction – the central figures are real rather than fictional.

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  • На ленте Мёбиуса - Леонид Ривкин

    On a Möbius Strip

    Leonid Rivkin

    Following the success of his first novel, “Hobbes’ Hunt”, this is Leonid Rivkin’s second novel by published by Liberty Publishing House. The author presents a …

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  • Оргазм в Варшавском отеле Леонид Леванович

    Orgasm in a Warsaw Hotel

    Leonid Levanovich

     A refreshing collection of short stories by award winning veteran Belorussian writer Leonid Levanovich. Belarus – a land squeezed between Russia and Poland is characterized …

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  • Беседы с Раввином Смолом - Гарри Кемельман

    Conversations with Rabbi Small

    Harry Kemelman

    Shot through with tension, conflict, humor and wisdom, “Conversations with Rabbi Small” is a rich tapestry of past and present beliefs that Jews and non-Jews …

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  • The Torn Childhood - Mikhail Zlotin

    The Torn Childhood

    Mikhail Zlotin

    Mikhail Zlotin details Soviet life in living color, describing a pre-war world in a Belarusian town brought to life though lively portraits of his grandfather …

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  • Winter Palace - Dennis Jones

    Winter Palace

    Dennis Jones

    Master spy Sam Cole is sucked back into the shadowy world of international intrigue by a 40-year-old plot to expel all Jews from the USSR …

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  • Не умирай прежде смерти - Евгений Евтушенко

    Don’t Die Before Your Death

    Yevgeny Yevtushenko

    The first ever novel written by world renowned poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. The story revolves around the events of August 19-21, 1991, during the coup of …

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  • Pentagon - Richard Pearle


    Richard Perle

    Available in eBook format from: Apple Books and Google Play, and Barnes & Noble – $2.99. In this autobiographical novel, Richard Perle successfully utilizes his …

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  • Hunt for Red October - Tom Clancy

    The Hunt for Red October

    Tom Clancy

    The runaway bestselling techno-thriller that launched Tom Clancy’s phenomenal career. Liberty Publishing House is proud to have published the first Russian edition of the book …

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  • Игры патриотов - Том Кленси

    Patriot Games

    Tom Clancy

    First ever Russian language edition of Tom Clancy’s best selling novel. From England to Ireland to America, an explosive wave of violence sweeps a CIA …

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  • Игры Богемы - Борис Могилевский

    Bohemian Games

    Boris Mogilevsky

    Boris Mogilevsky author of the “Notes of an Antiques Swindler”, presents a unique view into the lives and history of Leningrad’s Bohemia in the 1950-70. …

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  • White Ravens

    Semon Bentsianov

    Psychologist and author Semon Bentsianov presents a multi-generational story of the tragic life of a family of Soviet intellectuals that unravels under the persecution of …

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  • My Uncle Luzhkov

    Lyudmila Kuznetsova

    Former Aeroflot flight attendant Lyudmila Kuznetsova takes readers on an interesting journey, alleging that Moscow’s former mayor Yury Luzhkov is in fact her uncle, who …

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  • It’s Cairo, Baby

    Natalia Gagarina

    From the diary of a Russian Egyptian. The heroine of the book – a young Russian woman who married an Egyptian. The book is autobiographical, …

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  • Presumption of Guilt

    Larisa Matros

    Presumption of Guilt is a sociological novel which cover the turbulent years of Perestroika, which for the first time depicts the scientists and professors of …

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