• Между Гитлером и Черчиллем

    Between Hitler and Churchill

    Yakov Falkov

    Два агента-еврея и попытка британской контрразведки предотвратить тайный сговор польского эмигрантского правительства с Третьим рейхом.

    Книга известного израильского историка Якова Фалькова «Между Гитлером и Черчиллем» впервые проливает свет на самую таинственную страницу начального этапа Второй мировой войны – закулисные контакты и острую борьбу дипломатов и спецслужб нацистской Германии, Великобритании и Польского правительства в изгнании.

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  • Michael Medved - The 10 Big Lies About America

    The 10 Big Lies About America

    Michael Medved

    Available in eBook format from: Apple Books and Google Play – $6.99. Борьба с искаженным образом нашего народа Майкл Медведь — адвокат, американский историк, политический …

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  • Датский урок - Харолд Флендер

    Rescue in Denmark

    Harold Flender

    Available in eBook format from: Apple Books and Google Play – $6.99. During WWII, masses of unpretentious Danish citizens rose to defend the dignity and …

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  • Деметре Ибери – ДАО Дэ Цзин для ХХI века

    Tao Te Ching for the 21st Century

    Demetre Ibery

    Книга «Дао дэ цзин для XXI века. Даосский алгоритм успеха и победы», представляет собой интерес как для тех, кто уже знаком с даосизмом, так и для тех, кто впервые сталкивается с этим феноменом.

    Автор «Дао дэ цзин» (по-русски «Книга пути и достоинства») — китайский философ Лао Цзы, живший примерно в то же время, что и создатели Библии, т. е. в IV–V вв. до н. э. Но если Библия — это в известной мере не только свод наставлений, но и история еврейского народа, то главная книга Лао Цзы — это свод философских правил, которыми должен руководствоваться человек, желающий жить в гармонии с собой и с Природой. Эти правила охватывают практически все сферы бытия: власть, войны, отношение к богатству, к данной нам жизни и к неизбежной смерти. По существу, Дао — это любящий и заботливый Бог, к постижению которого должен стремиться человек.

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  • Одиссея надежды – Йозеф Казицкас

    Odyssey of Hope

    Joseph Kazickas

    Odyssey of Hope is the compelling biographical tale of Joseph Kazitskas, a Lithuanian from the small village of Chernaya Padina in the Saratov province, whose …

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  • The Sun in the Blood

    Vladimir Fromer

    ЭТО КНИГА ХОРОШЕГО ПИСАТЕЛЯ… Владимир Фромер – трубадур Израиля эпохи блистательных войн и побед, Израиля полководцев и героев, искателей истины и беспутных гениев. Сложность, глубина, …

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  • The Six Day War

    Leonid Vayman

    Poem with Commentaries (in Russian) & Maps This short and incisive historical survey of events that triggered the Six Day war in June 1967, is …

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  • Иллюзии и истины театра - Алла Цыбульская

    Illusion and Truth of the Theater

    Alla Tsybulskaya

    Alla Tsybulskaya, veteran professional theater critic has created a unique and superb anthology of the Russian, Israeli and American theaters and their prominent staging of classics and popular plays and operas in the USA for the last 30 years.

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  • Prison Diaries (English)

    Eduard Kuznetsov

    In 1970 a small band of Soviet Jews, led by Eduard Kuznetsov and emboldened by the heroism of the Israelis in the Six-Day War, conceived a daring plan to escape the Soviet Union by commandeering a small civilian airplane. Beyond seeking their personal freedom, the group wanted their desperate act to ignite the world’s attention to the ongoing plight of Soviet Jews who were denied the right to emigrate.

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  • Перо сильнее меча: Борьба с советской пропагандой - Лев Шапиро

    The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: Battling with Soviet Propaganda

    Lev Shapiro

    The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: Battling with Soviet Propaganda presents a new window into the struggle of Soviet Jews for their freedoms and rights. This was an intellectual barricade at which the activists, utilizing Soviet law, regulations and the Constitution itself, safeguarded meaningful tidbits of freedom within the Soviet totalitarian system.

    Each chapter of this Exodus should be read and reread in each generation. Shapiro was not merely another Jewish activist, but was one of its leaders and the only witness for the defense at the famous trial of the “hijackers of the airplane”.

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  • Demons of a Bloody Century

    Boris Brin

    In search of the grave and headstone of his barbarously murdered grandfather, author Boris Brin examines all the stages of the 20th century history, which …

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  • Snow Goose Chronicles – Olya Samilenko

    Snow Goose Chronicles

    Olya Samilenko

    Snow Goose Chronicles is also available as an ebook from Apple Books, Amazon, and Google Play – $8.99. Set in 1929 Ukraine, The Snow Goose Chronicles …

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  • Anti-Development Mode

    Andrey Deev

    Anti-Development Modedefines a new understanding of totalitarianism, as a vector of one of the types of political regimes. In a unique style and exciting form, …

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  • Записки потомка предков благородных - Барон A.A. Дельвиг

    Notes of a Descendent of Noble Forefathers

    Baron A.A. Delwig

    Notes of a Descendent of Noble Forefathers is a social and historical bridge between Tsarist Russia during a period of industrial and political upheaval, and …

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  • The Veil of Life

    Maria Kayava

    The Veil of Life is a firsthand historical account of the lives of the Finns of Izhora, also known as Ingria, in the Leningrad region. …

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  • Anna-Geifman

    And Death Will Be Your Goddess

    Anna Geifman

    The Birth of Political Terrorism in Russia: 1900-1914 (And Death Will Be Your Goddess) is a fascinating study of the descent of a “pure” ideology …

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  • Мертвая Петля - Морис Бронштейн

    Death Loop

    Moris Bronshteyn

    Holocaust survivor Moris Bronshteyn presents a compilation of interviews he took with survivors of the Pechora and Dzurin concentration camp in Ukraine. Born in 1941 …

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  • The Death of Jesus

    Joel Carmichael

    The Death of Jesus is a great book for those who were reared in an anti-religious house and community but always questioned the authenticity of …

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  • Война и правда: Цена победы - Гавриил Попов

    War and Truth

    Gavriil Popov

    Gavril Popov, Moscow’s first elected mayor, presents a revisionist view of WWII that sent a tremor through the Russian leadership, and prevented its publication in …

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  • Любовницы американских президентов

    Presidential Passions

    Michael John Sullivan

    Presidential Passions recounts the stories of various United States Presidents’ notoriously philandering. These keyhole glimpses into the private lives of our Presidents will surprise and …

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  • Штрафники - Григорий Свирский

    Shtrafniki Volume 8-10: Soviet Union 1940-1999

    Grigory Svirsky

    This combined set three volumes was censored in Russia, and was could published in the U.S.. Svirsky is a brave and talented author, who was …

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  • I Don’t Give a “Soviet” Continental

    Arkady Arkanov

    The leading satirist of the Soviet Union presents a one-of-a kind textbook that will leave you LoL! As any classical soviet textbook, each chapter includes …

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  • The Grand Failure - Zbigniew Brzezinski

    The Grand Failure

    Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Few people can claim more thorough knowledge and understanding of the Soviet system than Zbigniew Brzezinski. This is the original book that explained and predicted the demise of the Soviet Union.

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  • Royal Scythians - Zaur Gassanov

    Royal Scythians

    Zaur Gassanov

    Based on four Scythians words, Gasanov presents a lingua-thriller that tries to define the origins of the Scythians and pinpoint which culture did they branched …

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  • Russian Idea - Alexander Yanov

    Russian Idea

    Alexander Yanov

    Russian Idea sets out to show that Russian nationalism of the New Right, represented the rebirth in the 1960s of a tradition that was born …

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  • The Secret History Of Drinking In Russia Sergey Shakhmayev & Igor Kurukin

    The Secret History Of Drinking In Russia

    Sergey Shakhmayev & Igor Kurukin

    Is a historical analysis of the role of vodka in Russian society from time immemorial. It has always been the main source of state revenue, …

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  • Stalin Against the Jews - Arkady Vaxberg

    Stalin Against the Jews

    Arkady Vaksberg

    This book is essential reading for understanding the ethnic evils that have permeated Russian consciousness in regards to their leaders since the Revolution. Stalin was …

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    Миф Россия Борис Хазанов

    Myth of Russia

    Boris Khazanov

    “Myth of Russia: An Experiment in Romantic Political Science” is a description of the history of the Russian people and Russia itself through its historical …

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  • Memoirs About my Father Stolypin

    Memoirs About my Father Stolypin

    Maria P. Bock-Stolypin

    Sold Out Peter Stolypin was the progressive prime minister in the Czar’s government who called for thorough reforms of land and agriculture when he was …

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  • Totalitarianism and its Leaders Yevgeny Larin

    Totalitarianism and its Leaders

    Yevgeny Larin

    New and unique comparative analyses of the three totalitarian leaders in the 20th Century. Professor Larin teaches this subject in one of the “true” Russian …

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  • The Torn Childhood - Mikhail Zlotin

    The Torn Childhood

    Mikhail Zlotin

    Mikhail Zlotin details Soviet life in living color, describing a pre-war world in a Belarusian town brought to life though lively portraits of his grandfather …

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  • Expansion of Islam Vitaly Rayevsky - Vitaly-Raevsky

    Expansion of Islam

    Vitaly Rayevsky

    A historical analysis of the elements of expansion in Islam as the organic ingredients of its cardinal beliefs.

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    Alexander Zinoviev

    Zinoviev was a philosopher whose contributions to the logic of mathematics gained him worldwide repute. He was also a prominent Soviet dissident and satirist whose …

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  • Alexander Tavrovksy

    Stalin’s Gambit in the Summer оf 1945

    Alexander Tavrovsky

    Available in eBook format from: Apple Books , Google Play, and Barnes & Noble – $2.99. An engrossing novel full of psychological nuances and historical …

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  • Revisiting my Footsteps

    Boris Kamyanov

    “Revisiting My Footsteps” is a beautiful tale of one life lived in two civilizations. Boris Kamyanov’s autobiography is a light journey filled with self-deprecating humor …

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  • Selling of the Soviet Empire - Alfred Kokh

    The Selling of the Soviet Empire (English)

    Alfred Kokh

    Dr. Alfred Kokh’s memoirs on leading the process of privatizing state properties in Russia; an act that sealed the fate of the communist regime. Kokh …

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  • The Education of American Jewry - Eduardo Rauch

    The Education of American Jewry; The Past is a Prologue (English)

    Eduardo Rauch

    In The Education of American Jewry: The Past is a Prologue, Eduardo Rauch surveys the way that questions of education helped define American Jewish life …

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  • Alexander Rashin - Why didnt stalin murder all the jews

    Why Didn’t Stalin Murder All the Jews (English)

    Alexander Rashin

    A comprehensive analysis of all the information, theories and rumors pertaining to Stalin’s last campaign which could have led to the annihilation of the Soviet …

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  • The Political System of the USA

    David Cushman Coyle

    A guide on how the United States political system is structured and how it functions. The chapters cover: the inception of the American political system, …

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