TV Spot – Notes of an Antiques Swindler

Mogilevsky presents readers with the world of collectors, swindlers, thieves and Soviet prisoners. There existed a non-traditional large group in the Soviet society – the collectors, which operated outside the law- as the Soviet law did not recognize private collections…

TV Spot – Judgement Night – Alexander Tavrovsky

Summer 1945.

The fires of WW2 engulfed Europe. Erased were the old borders, and the new not yet born. Millions of people wandering through Europe in search of their relatives, parents, as well as their past. In the Kremlin, Stalin does not sleep, he is planning the future operations against his former allies . …What plans come to Stalin’s mind in these late hours of the night? Stalin selected Dr. Walter Lustig, one of the survivors of the Holocaust, to be the pivotal actor in his next plan.
The Soviet NKVD kidnaps Lustig and brings him to Moscow .

Why did Stalin need Doctor Lustig? Hatching plans for world domination, Stalin sees the Middle East and the future of Israel – only as a means to bleed the people of the East and the West as a source of permanent war.

TV spot – Bohemian Games

Boris Mogilevsky author of the “Notes of an Antiques Swindler”, presents a unique view into the lives and history of Leningrad’s Bohemia in the 1950-70.

TV Spot — Conversations with Rabbi Small

Shot through with tension, conflict, humor and wisdom, “Conversations with Rabbi Small” is a rich tapestry of past and present beliefs that Jews and non-Jews will find meaningful, thought-provoking, and more than a bit surprising. Told in the form of a novel, this insightful and sensitive book will be accessible to a large audience, from young people to adults.

TV Spot – “I Love You, Alka” by Alla Bogoslavskaya

“I Love You Alka” were the last words of the Russian legendary composer and Man of Letters Nikita Bogoslovsky. In this first-ever biography his wife, Alla Bogoslovskaya presents the human portrait of a man who became an idol and an icon for several generations of Russians.