KGB Amidst Russian Emmigration

Konstantin Preobrazhensky


The shocking truth about Russia’s spy network in the U.S. and the brutal suppression of democracy in Russia. Former KGB Colonel Konstantin Preobrazhensky gives his informed perspective about Putin’s real intentions in America, the looming danger posed by the infiltration of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad by the KGB, and how Putin has already shut down freedom of speech and free enterprise in Russia’s still-born democracy.

Preobrazhensky’s book can be called a work of an investigative journalist who has studied the development of a church takeover with his own eyes, and comments on it – all this emanating from his own work experience in the KGB. For those who lived under the the Soviet regime, it is difficult to doubt Mr. Preobrazhensky’s deductions. In Post-Soviet times, the Kremlin cannot any longer count on those who in the past sympathized and helped the First State in World of Workers and Peasants. Now the Kremlin’s hope is that the parishioners of R.O.C.O.R. could carry out the function of a fifth column, driven by nostalgic and religious feeling. And there are millions of them, all immigrants from Russia. –Novoe Russkoe Slovo

This book addresses one of the unforeseen developments of the consolidation within the Russian Orthodox Churches that can have significant counter-intelligence implications for the United States and the Western world. It is not incredible to contemplate how Russian intelligence can very cynically use even Russian Priests to implement its intelligence agenda. –Paul M. Joyal Director PSS at National Strategies, Inc. Former Director of Security for U.S. Senate Committee on Intelligence

This book is an extremely valuable contribution to the efforts of investigation of treasonous activities among the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (R.O.C.O.R.) now attached to the Moscow patriarchate. –Eugene L. Magerovsky, Ph. D., Colonel., Strategic Intelligence, U.S. Army, Retired Professor of Russian History

201 pages