To Reach the Final Heights

Telman Safarov


Sold Out

The bursaries of Telman Safarov are to be envied. He not only is he a lyrical poet, but also professional athlete, scholar and researcher. Safarov’s interests span the entire history of culture – both Western and Eastern. He verses and poems explore themes from the life of a young Cervantes, to Omar Khayyam, to the Khazars…

Safarov began his career as a professional athlete in Azerbaijan, where he played Volleyball on the Azerbaijan national team. He became a USSR Cup winner, and received many other awards at international tournaments. Safarov later held several management positions within Azerbaijan sports organizations for the development of physical culture and sports.

Safarov’s work have been published in many magazines and newspapers in Azerbaijan, where he spent the majority of his career as a coach and freelance journalist. He moved to the United States in 1997, and has continued writing many articles and essays and poetry about America.

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Safarov’s collection of poems And I March through this Life was also published by Liberty Publishing House.