Winter Palace

Dennis Jones


Master spy Sam Cole is sucked back into the shadowy world of international intrigue by a 40-year-old plot to expel all Jews from the USSR a plan that recalls the Third Reich in the form of Arab terrorism. When the bad guys place two atomic bombs to assure the final holocaust, Cole and his Israeli colleagues must hustle to deflect the danger.

The suspense is fiercely heightened by the Russians, who use the turmoil to mask a takeover bid for Turkey and points west. After a surprising , yet satisfying , harvest of violence and gore that includes chase scenes through Russian cities, the clouds lift. Here, the dominant themes of current thrillers are welded together to create a plausible vision.

The CIA-KGB struggle is focused on the secret Soviet plan to exile all Russian Jews to Siberia –code name Operation Winter Palace. The events unfold in Russia, Turkey, Syria and Israel. This fast-pacing spy novel harbors prophetic truths that have since been realized.

422 pages