White Buffalo (Russian)

Gregory Haimovsky


White Buffalo is a collection of short lyrical stories centered around one topic: the aesthetics in music which Professor Haimovsky is thoroughly familiar with after teaching it for over 25 years at New York University.

The stories are neither amorphic nor theoretical once but rather anchored in the life of heroes of each and every story. The titles of these stories covey partially the contents: The Poet Speacks, Song for a Dream, Istukans, Caruso’s Soul, Vasya and Orna, Oberon’s Horn, Mystery of the House, Syrinx, The Wonder of Opus 101.

One of the most captivating stories describes the negative response of the Piano to the Master after it felt abused, misused and betrayed. An enchanting collection of memorable stories that are pleasure to reread.

140 pages

White Buffalo is also available from Liberty Publishing House in English.