The Redeeming Power of Love (English)

Michael Bobyr


In this autobiographical novel, author Michael Bobyr takes the reader on a journey through his memories, piecing together all of the facets of his life which have contributed to his groundbreaking research into cancer prevention and the aging process.
Through a recollection of conversations with fellow researchers and friends, Bobyr also presents a detailed look back at the last decade of breakthroughs in using the body’s own immune systems.

As a scientist, Bobyr is knowledgeable in the human body’s ability and potential to combat cancer and slow the aging process by ramping up immunity to tumor cells and holding off cellular destruction.

As an astute scholar of the internal forces that regulate the body, Bobyr has studied the inner and unexplainable biological processes that have proven to have a positive effect on containing deadly illnesses. One of these forces is the redeemable power of love.

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