Solitaire Length of Life

Valeria Korennaya


This book consists of 72 pages of poetry, followed by a short novel in which Korennaya unveils the dramas of the Russian bohemian life in New York, with unchecked raw emotions, tragedies and Russian destinies.

The poetry of Valeriya Korennaya from its inception is tuned to be “translated” into music and to be performed before audience. It is a direct dialogue with each individual listener on any chosen topic be it love, loyalty or a bitter experienced soaked in wine and endless cigarettes butts.

It is not a coincident that the prominent poet of Russia, Andrei Dementiev, in his introduction titled Korennaya as a kind talent that is surprisingly open despite being easily wounded. Her heroes are striving not to embrace easy compromises but to march in search not for the semi-love or semi-smile but to attain the fullness of it.

Valeria Korennaya is a talented bard who written and performed songs for over 25 years. She comes from a family of Muscovite artists; her father Nikolai Korennoy was a prominent jazz guitarist and her mother is a vocalist. At the early age of 13 Valeria broke on to the national scene at the All-Union Radio, later acted at the famous “Satyricon” theater under the legendary director Arkady Raikin.

Its artful sincerity which borders with pain brings this book close to the first Russian classic on this topic which is: “It is me, Edichka” by Eduard Limonov.

189 pages