Orgasm in a Warsaw Hotel

Leonid Levanovich


 A refreshing collection of short stories by award winning veteran Belorussian writer Leonid Levanovich.

Belarus – a land squeezed between Russia and Poland is characterized by the oldest forest where bison still roam free, and a seemingly endless collection of unique characters come out of the woodwork and become Levanovich’s unlikely heroes.

Levanovich served as a sailor in the Baltic Fleet and later graduated University with a degree in journalism. He has worked at a number of newspapers, magazines, and TV programs.

Currently Levanovich lives in the village, Petrilovo (Петрилово на Вилейщине) – his original home village having been destroyed by the Chernobyl disaster.

In addition to writing, Levanovich enjoys spending time as an avid beekeeper.

272 pages