The Threads of Arina

Anna Niehaus


Arina, a cloth designer, knows nothing about her parents – only a vague guess about а terrible tragedy in her family. She also does not understand the origin of her prophetic dreams, and how she developed the talents of a fortuneteller.

Arina’s threads interconnect eras, continents, planets and galaxies. They do not want to be untangled, arbitrarily torn, lengthened or shortened –just live in harmony together. For all possible calculations, investigations, discoveries and achievements – nothing compares to the immortal and great feeling of love.

Anna Niehaus’s novel cleverly combines the uniqueness of a family saga and a mystical thriller. Her heroine, in order to save her beloved one, confronts a family curse and pays for this victory the ultimate price. “The Threads of Arina” will certainly be of great interest to lovers of this genre.