Seventh Heaven

Sergey Volchkov-Predvechny


The art of the short story has been resuscitated back to life by the pen of this young author. Continuing the tradition of Franz Kafka, the short stories by Sergey Volchkov present an intricate architecture with a substance equal to that of a classical novel.

His stories force the reader to soak himself in the world of philosophy, psychology, spiritualism and much more…

Akin to single notes that are molded into a stable and sweeping melody, so are the elements of Volchkov’s plot of his stories which are eventually crystallize into a complete and harmonic creation in which each minute and seemingly insignificant detail
becomes the explanatory vortex of the plot.

Thematically stories of Volchkov draw the reader into the vacillating paradoxical world of human soul, where the border lines between the Good and the Evil, Lie and Truth, Love and Obsession, Reality and Mysticism, Greatness and Mediocrity… become enticing and opaque. Volchkov deserve the utmost attention of any sophisticated reader.

325 pages

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Sergey Volchkov-Predvechny