Serpent’s Bite

Nikolai & Tatiana Arzhanov


A detective thriller revolving around the hunt for a mysterious killer plaguing the far corners of east Siberia.

In the stairwell of a multistory apartment building, the body of a man with his throat cut is found. And so began a series of mysterious murders…

The investigation is assigned to a young investigator named Belov, who immediately finds himself in increasingly difficult and dangerous situations. Thanks to his genuine talent, wits, and of course, some luck, Belov navigates through the labyrinth of the criminal underworld and narrows in on the criminal boss who is only known by his street name: Serpent…

The authors, Nikolai and Tatyana Arzhanov, are married and teamed-up to lend their talents and experiences. Nikolai is a former high-ranking policeman and Tatyana a professor of Chemistry. The result of their chemistry is impeccable & engrossing.

493 pages