Schrödinger’s Cat

Vladimir Solovyov


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Vladimir Solovyov’s Schrödinger’s Cat is a dramatic political thriller with complex intrigue on the surface with a psychoanalytic and anthropological analysis of despotism. It is about an ideological tendency and political structure, as well as a malignant disease that metastasizes into people’s souls and becomes incurable.

This book was written by an insider of a despot ruled city. The despot is interested in history’s evaluation of his personality, and his political model, which he considers to be ideal and indelible. The “Governor” is confident that the system he created would survive and continue to thrive in his post-mortem existence.

The book’s title,Schrödinger’s Cat, hints at the core question of whether the autocrat is alive or dead, and not only presents the symptoms of despotism in the state, and in the people’s psychology, but also diagnoses the disease.
180 pages