Notes of a Descendent of Noble Forefathers

Baron A.A. Delwig


Notes of a Descendent of Noble Forefathers is a social and historical bridge between Tsarist Russia during a period of industrial and political upheaval, and Russia’s later period of reforms, written by an astute observer of history.

This book illuminates the adaptations of Russian intellectuals to Soviet realities in cities beyond Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Delwig’s uncle was Alexander Pushkin’s closest friend during their formative years at the Lyceum in Tsarskoye Selo.

This manuscript, which remained in the Delwig family’s possession, now serves as a unique eyewitness ledger of historic events from a finance expert during the Soviet experimentation with the NEP, and of the collectivization and industrialization of Russia.

It is indeed a notable event in literature and historiography when the 19th century memoirs of a Russian nobleman from a distinguished family are published in New York in the 21st century. This first ever publication of Baron Anatoly A. Delwig is of great importance for contemporary scholars, historians and students of Russian history.

504 pages