Stalin’s Gambit in the Summer оf 1945

Alexander Tavrovsky


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An engrossing novel full of psychological nuances and historical details that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Summer 1945.

The fires of WWII engulfed Europe. Erased were the old borders, and the new not yet born. Millions of people wander through Europe in search of their relatives, friends, as well as their past. In the Kremlin, Stalin plans the future operations against his former allies. He selects Holocaust survivor Dr. Walter Lustig, an actual historical figure, to play a pivotal role in his next plan.

During the war, Dr. Lustig was forced to be the director of the Jewish Hospital in Berlin and collaborate with the Germans. Working under the supervision of Eichmann, Dr. Lustig had to personally compile the lists of Jews to be sent to Auschwitz.

The Soviet NKVD kidnap Lustig and bring him to Moscow. Hatching plans for world domination, Stalin sees the Middle East as a means to pit the Arabs and Jews against one another and create a permanent war. Dr. Lustig becomes a trump card in this game.

Stalin’s Gambit in the Summer оf 1945 is engrossing and fascinating, full of accurate and subtle observations on not only the psychology of Dr. Lustig himself, but also on Stalin, Abakumov, Molotov, Beria, Eichmann, and others.

250 pages