Golden Gloves

M. Salita & G. Petrov


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“Golden Gloves” is the compelling biography of Ukrainian born Jewish-American boxer Dmitriy Salita. The book is uniquely written from beginning to end in the in the “hip-hop” lyrical style, maintaining rap rhyme and flow.

Such a choice is not accidental, as rap has been a part of Dmitriy’s life for many years, from his first workout in Brooklyn’s Starrett City Boxing Club. It is no wonder that the star trainer John Scully gave Dmitriy the nickname “Russian Rapper” when they first met in 1996 at the regional Silver Gloves in Saratoga, New York.

This book is the result of a unique collaboration between an American, Mikhail Salita, and Russian poet Gleb Petrov. This fresh written documentary will grab the reader’s attention on every page. “Golden Gloves” describes real events and characters including Dmitriy’s life, emigration, adaptation of a Russian-Jewish kid to America and training gyms of Brooklyn, to highlighting the history of American amateur boxing and the fate of emigrants from the former USSR.

The reader is lead on a journey that follows its own path describing a human adventure so gripping, that the reader will find it is hard to put the book down. “There are very few firsts in life and it’s meaningful to be featured in a new art form,” explained Mikhail Salita.

180 pages, with more than 60 photos from the personal archives of the Dmitriy Salita.

Available as softcover, hardcover numbered collectors edition #1-100, and hardcover numbered collectors edition 100+