DNA of the Reversed River

Anna Idelevich


DNA of the Reversed River is a science-fiction / romantic journey of three scientists (one of which is the author herself), working to discover the secrets of life. The novel explores many core questions including: why didn’t God create us as immortals? Will we be ready one day to trade love for immortality?

Anna Idelevich’s heroes blend these issues with a number of the scientific problems they attempt to resolve.

A delightful journey for a sophisticated reader.

Anna Idelevich was born in Siberia, and grew up traveling the world. After graduating from the University of Toronto and Jerusalem, she earned two master’s and doctoral degrees. Idelevich is currently an Assistant Professor of neuroscience at Harvard University. She has authored numerous scientific publications in leading journals, but has always found writing fiction to be her true passion.

“… I read your novel with pleasure! … I want to apply the words of one of the Bulgakov heroes: ‘We are in admiration!’ You have a gift, Anna! I’m sure that the novel will find a large circle of readers.”
–Gennady Sobolev Trubetskoy, member of the Union of Russian Writers, Moscow

“Anna Idelevich’s novel, DNA of the River Reversed, ponders the beauty of the world, human relations, and the sacrifices required by scientific pursuits, in relationship to the search for immortality. Such good requires complete dedication, sometimes putting everything at stake. The author addresses the sensitive and noble soul of the reader.”
–Pavel Pragin, member of the Union of Russian Writers, Moscow

312 pages

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