Chekhov As a Mirror of Russian Anti-Semitism

Stanislav Grachyov

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Chekhov as a Mirror of Russian Anti-Semitism contains a complete analysis of the 64 Chekhov works that have Jewish characters or refers to Judaism. Chekhov’s Jewish characters span the spectrum of Russian society and geographical regions of Russia; Chekhov was clearly interested in the Jews.

Many readers have been alarmed by Chekhov’s frequent use of anti-Semitic slurs, and have questioned whether the writer had anti-Semitic inclinations. Grachyov argues that the great playwright did indeed have anti-Semitic tendencies. The foreword author David Markish, backs Grachyov’s conclusions, while the author of the afterword, Abram Kunik, argues the opposite point of view.

290 pages, with photos

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