Bohemian Games

Boris Mogilevsky


Boris Mogilevsky author of the “Notes of an Antiques Swindler”, presents a unique view into the lives and history of Leningrad’s Bohemia in the 1950-70.

Mogilevsky is the proverbial Fly on the Wall!  His studio became the vortex and haven for the Bohemian elite, where authors, ballet dancers, composers and actors found themselves an unofficial “speak-easy” where each person could be trusted not to inform on each other to the KGB.

Each and every personality of these memoirs was a part of this inner circle and Mogilevky knew them all. Among these prominent literati’s were Victor Louis, Aleksandr Vertinsky, the royalist Shulgin, Igor Belsky, Alexander Shlepyanov, Vladimir Kunin and many others.

The book is enriched by many photos from the author’s archive.