Tatiana Ananich


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Tatiana Ananich is a poet of original intuitive thinking who’s poetry demands inquisitive reading.

Saturated with bright metaphors and allusions, covering both contemporary and cultural origins, her poetry evokes a spectrum of philosophical associations and reflections. It is dominated by motives of loneliness, hopelessness and the absurdity of existence.

Ananich’s lyrical hero is at home with the peculiar sense of existential hopelessness and powerlessness confronting the big world. Her characterization of her world includes contradictions:

“This is a paradox: to surrender, to accept things as they are in order to be saved. It is self-containment after the riots of despair. Such a person cannot be deceived by the promises of a better future vale. He is an Anti-Utopist…

He has long ceased the quest for illusory demands from this illusory world, he lays less and less claims to it. His uncontrolled scream is being replaced by a suppressed undertone of moaning. This man is exhausted, the bitter reality embitters him, but he remains fully aware and sober, and therein lies his strength. ”

AntiUtopia is available as an eBook from: iBooks.