Abai Kunanbayev: Philosopher, Reformer, Humanist

Zhabaikhan Abdildin, Raushan Abdildina


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No other Kazakh thinker has contributed to the modernization of the Kazakh people as Abai.

Abai was the first Kazakh philosopher who introduced modernity into Kazakh polity, religion and opened new horizons for the spiritual culture, including artistic and esthetic perceptions.

Abai Kunanbayev: Philosopher, Reformer, Humanist is an in-depth analysis of his philosophical and ethical thoughts, and a comprehensive exploration of such fundamental issues as the essence of man, his nature, ideals, the purpose of life, spiritual values, and development of the holistic person.

Central Asia scholars, students, and curious readers alike will delve into Abai’s original philosophical concepts with great interest.

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