Rendezvous with Immortality

Enrico Caputo

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A Rendezvous with Immortality is about the ghosts that haunt modern-day Russia.
Anna, a young woman who just finished her training as an FSB operative, is tasked with monitoring the events of Euromaidan.
Her ghosts – the death of her father, a high-ranking Russian military officer, in the first Chechen campaign, and growing up her widowed mother in the nineties – led Anna to seek a career in the FSB to serve her country.
Alex, a mysterious professor from Tbilisi, posing as a military historian and lover of Caucasian folk dance, is haunted by immortality, like a mirror reflecting Russian history’s noblest traditions. While struggling with fate himself, a chance encounter with Anna gives Alex’s life a new direction.
Despite chaos and intrigue, Anna and Alex work out a new vision of Russia for themselves.

The events take place in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Tbilisi and Yerevan between the years 1825-2020.

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