A Book of Different Times and Aspirations

Andrei Nazarov


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Тhe central theme of this book is Russia and the uniqueness of its culture and people.
The narrative forms of Nazarov are stories and epiphanies.

Andrey Nazarov is a Russian writer living in Denmark since 1981. He is the Editor of the literary magazine Novy Bereg (New Shore). His novel “Sand House” was nominated for the first Russian Booker Prize in 2000. Nazarov won the Russian Prize in the category Short Prose in 2009.

“A language is a form of human existence,” says Nazarov. Anyone who loves the word and believes that art is about what and how, will undoubtedly appreciate his gift.

For Nazarov Language exists not merely as a tool for expressing thought but as a material from which an idea is born. This understanding of language is more characteristic of poets than prose writers. Therefore, many of Nazarov’s texts are closer to poetry with their laconicism and harmony. In particular, Nazarov has been praised by acclaimed Russian poet Andrei Voznesensky.

292 pages