Stalin Against the Jews

Arkady Vaksberg


This book is essential reading for understanding the ethnic evils that have permeated Russian consciousness in regards to their leaders since the Revolution. Stalin was ruthless . . . with those who had shown themselves equally “ruthless.”

In his drive for dominance of the USSR, Joseph Stalin faced a lot of competition from the better-educated Jewish Bolsheviks, but he determined to outsmart them all… and did. He rose to the top and then tightened his hold on all aspects of the Russian revolution by removing all rivals, Russian or Jew — but since Jews held the pivotal posts in the NKVD and party apparatus, Stalin removed comparatively large numbers of Jews. He removed leaders of the Bolshevik revolution, such as Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev, the list goes on. . . all were murdered after false charges and forced confessions followed by elaborate fake trials.

Vaksberg explains how Stalin was able to decimate the Jewish communists without stimulating organized resistance. His deviousness was consummate. Even Stalin’s most famous Jewish victim Trotsky, despite having to flee the USSR for his life, never accused Stalin of anti-Semitism. Vaksberg explains why.

416 pages