Royal Scythians

Zaur Gassanov


Based on four Scythians words, Gasanov presents a lingua-thriller that tries to define the origins of the Scythians and pinpoint which culture did they branched out from: Turkish or Persian?

The tribes of Scythians have controlled the southern part of Russia through the Central Asia, they have created the advanced weapons and left behind the most refined and unsurpassed works of gold jewelry.

However, since they did not develop a written language and consequently no written annals, they became an object depicted by other historians.

The book received raving reviews from prominent writers as Chingiz Aitmatov and Olzhas Suleimanov and academicians as Suleiman Aliyarlu, Bakhtiar Vagabzade, Agamusa Akhundov, Yashar Garaev…

446 pages