Moscow Rediscovered (English)

Helen Boldyreff Semler


A truly unique English language guide to Moscow and Russian civilization.

Organized on the basis of daily walking excursions, this book guides the reader through 850 tempestuous years of Muscovite history, art, architecture and the personalities that played key roles in Moscow’s history.

Each excursion is provided with a detailed map with sites of interest described in vivid details and laced with colorful anecdotes. With hundreds of evocative photos, Moscow Rediscovered is a complete companion guide to this fascinating and unique city.

1) Hundreds of hotels, restaurants and shopping sites
2) All of the leading museums, theaters and galleries
3) 31 topical excursions
4) Over 250 photos
5) Complete guide to night clubs, cabarets, casinos, etc…
6) 28 detailed excursions maps, city and subway maps
7) Extensive index of names and places

“I read this book with great satisfaction” –Yuri Luzhkov, Mayor of Moscow.

–The only guide endorsed by the Russian State Committee on Tourism.

550 pages

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