Why Didn’t Stalin Murder All the Jews (English)

Alexander Rashin


A comprehensive analysis of all the information, theories and rumors pertaining to Stalin’s last campaign which could have led to the annihilation of the Soviet Jewry. The campaign came to a screeching halt with Stalin’s mysterious collapse into a coma on March 1, 1953. The account is compact, easily readable and offers the first rational explanation of the events.

The dramatic stories of ordinary Soviet Jews directly told by the author’s relatives add an extra human dimension to this meticulously researched book. Alexander Rashin does not impose the choice between a divine intervention in the events and a political miscalculation, and leaves the reader to grope for the truth. This riveting account is of great interest to any student of modern Russian and Jewish history and to anyone pondering its mysteries.

A gripping analysis of one of the darkest hours of the 20th century…
–Andrew Silow-Carroll, Managing Editor, The Forward

282 pages