Dialogue of Civilizations: The Next Stage (English)

Alexsander Mashkevich


Mashkevich dwells on the major political and cultural trends affecting our global community, and offers invaluable plans for harnessing these forces in order to shape a more peaceful world.

The unique aspects of Alexsander Mashkevich’s personal life decisively position him to be a leader in the Jewish community and an examiner of contemporary developments at the dawn of the 21st century.

Mashkevich was born in the year after Stalin’s death, and came of age at the crossroads of three civilizations: Chinese, Mongolian, and Russian. The combination of his classical liberal education, deep historical knowledge, aptitude for sincere pedagogy, and practical business acumen enables Mashkevich to critically investigate the vastly differing transformations of nations and civilizations occurring worldwide today.

162 pages