Sultan – Canine of the SS

Shavkat Azimov

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Further and further into the recesses of the past drift the memories of the unspeakably cruel and horrifically bloody era of WW II.

Several generations have since been born and come of age. Is it possible to forget the sorrows that real people suffered, the hardships they endured, and the burdens they carried on their shoulders?  

Sultan – Canine of the SS is a story about loyalty and love, and the things a person cannot live without. It is a story based on real events, and revolves around a person who went through the crucible of this war.  

This is a story about how even the terrors of war cannot kill true devotion, loyalty, and love, be it in man or beast. This is a hymn to life– in spite of the nightmares that accompany war.  This story offers a understanding of what it means to live, to love, and to believe – as told through the firsthand account of one who was there.