Storms and Khamsins of My Life (English)

Sarah Khurgin


Sarah Khurgin describes Babel’s Odessa in the post-revolutionary days through the eyes of a twelve-year old girl, pre-war Leningrad through the eyes of a young and ardent Communist activist, and the post-war Moscow through the mature and experienced eyes of a Jewish widowed mother, who encounters the growth of Stalinist anti-Semitism. Detached from the traditional Jewish roots and unaccepted by the Soviet political establishment, the disillusioned author is thrust back by historical forces and circumstances to her Jewish roots and her historical homeland – Israel.

“It is difficult and unclear to me today why I was unable to cross this threshold, but the fact remains that after years of campaigning against religion, I was unable to embrace the richness of the Jewish heritage. I deeply regret this omission in the life of my son and my grandchildren. Maybe it is the most costly price I have paid for wandering on the wrong path during my years as a loyal fighter for the better future of all mankind.”

This book is also available in Russian and Hebrew.

305 pages