Lessons of Political Zionism

Peyrets Goldmacher


It’s rare when a historian is also a participant of the history they eventually document.

Peyrets Goldmacher belonged to a generation of Eastern European Jews who from an early age set their minds and goals in life to resurrecting the state of Israel.

Goldmacher has completed his ideological and practical education in Romania and was awaiting his turn to emigrate to Palestine. However, history had plans of its own – the Soviet Union invaded the Moldavian region of Romania and exiled Goldmacher and his fiancé deep into Siberia as enemy of Soviet state.

The couple fight for survival in Siberia and post-war Soviet Union until his emigration in 1979 became part and parcel of his struggle for the cause of Zionizm.

Goldmacher’s story of Zionism is presented through his own personal experiences, which add a personal dimension so often missed in other books.

301 pages, photographs