Blowing Up Russia: Terror From Within (English)

Alexander Litvinenko & Yuri Felshtinsky


Co-authored by Alexander Litvinenko, the victim of the notorious 2006 London polonium poisoning, the book attempts to demonstrate that modern Russia’s most fundamental problems are not the result of radical reforms during the liberal Yeltsin period, but from the open and clandestine resistance offered to these reforms by the Russian special services. It was they who unleashed the first and second Chechen wars, in order to divert Russia away from the path of democracy and towards dictatorship, militarism, and chauvinism.

The authors allege that the Russian apartment bombings and other September 1999 terrorist acts were committed by the Federal Security Service. Litvinenko and Felshtinsky write the bombings were a false flag operation intended to justify second Chechen War and bring Vladimir Putin to power.

The war in Chechnya has made human life cheap in Russia. The brutal killings and the trade in slaves and hostages have thrown the country back to the days of slavery. Thousands of people who go through the war in Chechnya are forced to kill. They can never go back to civilian life.

Chechnya is the FSB’s workshop, the training ground for the future personnel of the Russian special services and freelance brigades of mercenary killers. The longer this war goes on, the more irreversible its consequences become. One of its fatal consequences is the eternal hatred of Chechens for Russia and Russians.

Originally published in 2002.

223 pages