Revisiting my Footsteps

Boris Kamyanov


Revisiting My Footsteps” is a beautiful tale of one life lived in two civilizations. Boris Kamyanov’s autobiography is a light journey filled with self-deprecating humor and a huge dose of optimism.

The story opens in Russia, where Kamyanov traces his life along his places of employment – a printing press, a ball-bearing factory, a cemetery, and a children’s theater to name a few…

The second part of his story covers his life in Israel, which embodies his true love – literature.

While Kamyanov was closely acquainted with Moscow’s literary world, he himself could not become a published author.

Upon emigrating to Israel, he was able to finally declare himself a professional writer, and has enjoyed a successful and long career.

The reader will be charged and recharged with Kamyanov’s genuine cheerfulness and optimism.