Memories of a Bygone Era | My Path to America

Ilya Kotlyar & Boris Kotylar

Two books of memoirs. The Father and Son are connected in one volume, thus creating the unique historical notes of two generations. The book by the father, Ilya Kotlyar, “Memoirs of a Contemporary Bygone Era” covers his life in the Soviet Union from the 1930s and ending with the description of the author’s life in America before the start of the new millennia. As a representative of the first Soviet generation, Ilya Kotlyar is a unique amalgam of the man who grew up in the Soviet Union, who continues to critically examine the political phenomena of the USSR and his new homeland.

The memories of his son, Boris Kotlyar, “My Way to America” is divided into 3 parts: poetry, travel, and a review the realities of modern America and its future. The book is complemented by many historical photos of this broad age.

This book is sold out, but available as an eBook from: iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble – $4.99.