I Defended in Moscow & New York

Pyotr Rabinovich


I Defended in Moscow & New York – A Lawyer’s Professional Journey

One of the code names for a Jew in the Soviet Union was – jurist. The most biting anti-Soviet jokes were attributed to either jurists or Rabinovich. To live in the Soviet Union as a jurist with the last name of Rabinovich required immeasurable psychological stamina. Moscow had two such members in the guild of – Rabinovich/jurist. One of them was Pyotr. To read his stories is pure an undiluted delight.

It took a Rabinovich to utilize an unknown teacher of math in a faraway town that had recently published an article in the prestigious monthly Noviy Mir in his defense of another teacher who was accused of raping a minor. That other teacher was no other than Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Rabinovich also supervised the transfer of monies of the late Tolstoy, the grandson of Leo Tolstoy, who resided in the USA, to his son and daughter that never left the Soviet Union.

Upon emigrating to the United States, Rabinovich, at an advanced age, has recombinated his talents and earned his license to practice in New York. Though no longer a member of that guild “Jurist Rabinovich”, he encountered numerous amusing and hilarious cases which he artfully describes in his book.

288 pages