Flown Away Leaves

Vladimir Yedidovich


This book of short stories and reminiscences is a selection of over 500 articles Yedidovich published in the Russian press including in the weekly Forverts (which was founded by Yedidovich). In the Soviet Union he was a prominent scientist prior to his emigration in 1992.

Being born in Wilno in 1929, he became a Soviet citizen only in 1939 after the division of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. These first ten years of growing up in a free country, in a Yiddish-speaking home and in the house of a of a Yiddish high school teacher, imprinted Yedidovich with an indelible un-Soviet view on life and on the destiny of Jewish people in particular.

This collection of unique and moving stories should be read in each family that cherishes their historic roots in Russia.

152 pages