Circus, Just Circus!

Julietta Schwartzman


Sold Out

A colorful autobiography of life in а Soviet circus. The Schwartzman family has over 200 years of circus life experience and have contributed some of the leading circus talent, actors, acrobats, clowns and magicians. An adventure born behind the scenes of the circus.

Julietta Schwartzman about her book:

Without planning to write a book, over the years I took many notes and formed them into stories about the circus and its masters. While many of the stories are serious, there is a lot of humor, a lot of fun, but sometimes sadness …The writing came easily, as it happened before my eyes: childhood with his parents (my father began working in the circus back in the 20s) and my independent work in the arena for over thirty years, and – most importantly – my colleagues, friends, teachers, and circus artists.

If I managed to convey to readers at least part of their love and admiration for circus performers, then I consider my job done.

I address this book to my colleagues in the arts, as well as all those who are young at heart and who has not lost the joy to admire skill, courage, ingenuity and hard work of remarkable people who are called “the Circus”.

208 pages, with more than 80 historic photographs from the author’s archive.