Breaking With Moscow

Arkady Shevchenko

The autobiography of the highest-ranking ever Soviet defector to the West; an unparalleled description of Soviet diplomacy during the Krushchev-Brezhnev era.

In 1973 Shevchenko was appointed Under Secretary General of the United Nations. During his assignment at the UN headquarters in New York City, Shevchenko began passing Soviet secrets to the CIA. In 1978 he cut his ties to the Soviet Union and defected to the United States.

By 1975 he had decided to defect. He made contact with the United States Central Intelligence Agency seeking political asylum. But the CIA pressured him to continue at his post with the United Nations and to supply them with inside information on Soviet political plans.

Although fearful of the consequences if he were to be found out by the KGB, he reluctantly agreed. For the next three years, he became in effect a “triple agent”. Outwardly, a dedicated servant of the United Nations but covertly promoting the political aims of the USSR and, on top of that, secretly reporting the Soviets’ hidden political agenda to the CIA.

Breaking with Moscow was a sensational number one bestseller, highly acclaimed throughout the media, and even serialized in Time Magazine.

Liberty Publishing House was the first and only to publish the book in Russian.

528 pages

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