• Женя Груз – Лучащееся одиночество

    Radiant Solitude

    Gena Gruz

    Poet, biologist, artist. In a word: Leonardo is at the garbage dump of our time. During her life, the author in various forms, wanted to …

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  • Катерина Скородинская Polukrovka front cover

    Mixed Ethnicity

    Katerina Skorodinskaya

    «Полукровка» – это сборник рассказов и повестей Катерины Скородинской. Ее проза – легкая и глубокая одновременно, игровая и серьезная, насмешливая и сочувствующая, реалистичная и сюрреалистичная …

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  • Ekatarina Salmanova

    Sex and Lies in American College

    Ekaterina Salmanova

    What are the chances of a charming secretary winning her case against a professor accused of rape on campus – a place where official criminal …

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  • Вспять реки ДНК - Анна Иделевич

    DNA of the Reversed River

    Anna Idelevich

    DNA of the Reversed River is the science-fiction / romantic journey of three scientists – one of which is the author herself. The novel explores …

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  • Serpant's Bite

    Serpent’s Bite

    Nikolai & Tatiana Arzhanov

    A detective thriller revolving around the hunt for a mysterious killer plaguing the far corners of east Siberia. In the stairwell of a multistory apartment …

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  • The Threads of Arina

    Anna Niehaus

    Arina, a cloth designer, knows nothing about her parents – only a vague guess about а terrible tragedy in her family. She also does not …

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  • АнтиУтопия – Татьяна Ананич


    Tatiana Ananich

    Tatiana Ananich is a poet of original intuitive thinking who’s poetry demands inquisitive reading.

    Saturated with bright metaphors and allusions, covering both contemporary and cultural origins, her poetry evokes a spectrum of philosophical associations and reflections. It is dominated by motives of loneliness, hopelessness and the absurdity of existence.

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  • Отрекшаяся - Айаан Хирси Али

    Infidel: My Life

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    The Russian translation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s acclaimed autobiography Infidel. Ali takes readers on a fascinating journey from her youth in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia …

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  • Suppress in Me the Strive to Love

    Anya Deutsch

    This is the first Collection of poetry from Moscow native Anya Deutsch.

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  • Унеси меня в даль светлую - Рима Марон

    Sweep Me Away to the Brightest Distance

    Rima Maron

    An unbound zest for life characterizes the poetry of Rimma Maron. Though her poetry misses the colors of Van Gogh’s “sunflowers”, it is filled with …

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  • Валерия Коренная

    Solitaire Length of Life

    Valeria Korennaya

    This book consists of 72 pages of poetry, followed by a short novel in which Korennaya unveils the dramas of the Russian bohemian life in …

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  • Огненная тропа - Наталья Романовна

    The Fiery Path

    Natalia Romanova

    Natalia Romanova’s first publication, a collection of a raw, intensive and volcanic poetry. With a background in theater and acting, Ms. Romanovna studied drama at …

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  • Faraway Music - Svetlana Alliluyeva

    Faraway Music

    Svetlana Alliluyeva

    For the first time, Stalin’s daughter describes in most revealing and painful details her travails of seventeen years in the US. Alliluyeva candidly describes her …

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  • Book for Granddaughters

    Book for Granddaughters

    Svetlana Alliluyeva

    For the first time, Stalin’s daughter describes in most revealing and painful details her travails of seventeen years in the U.S.. In her second volume …

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