• Foundations of Theory and Methods of Calculating Electrical Loads of Industrial Enterprises

    Vilyam Livshits

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  • Silver Age & Our Health

    Edited by Anatoly Kleyner

    Professor Anatoly Kleyner describes how people over the age of fifty can best guard their health. Kleyner introduces the all encompassing problems that are associated …

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  • Happy Encounters

    Zakhar Gershkovich

    Lyrical poetry by Zakhar Gershkovich published posthumously by his wife Lidia Khvatskaya; Life, Love and Odessa. 153 pages This book is unavailable.

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  • About my Grandpa Iosif

    Isaak Spector

    Grandpa Iosif was a talented musician, who was quickly noticed by the Tsar and invited to play with the court orchestra. After his injury and …

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  • Confessions of a Muscovite Beauty Lyudmila Kantor-Khazina

    Confessions of a Muscovite Beauty

    Lyudmila Kantor-Khazina

    Lyudmila Kantor-Khazina presents her latest collection of most memorable stories. This book is currently unavailable. 360 pages

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  • Anna Voldziker

    Grateful to Destiny and God

    Anna Voldziker

    Благодарю судьбу в 20-м веке За жизнь, что прожита не зря. Порой окрашенной в зебристом цвете Но не любить ее нельзя. Благодарю за смены зим …

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  • Сообщенность - Ростислав Дижур


    Rostislav Dizhur

    High-octane lyrical poetry; recommended to only the most sophisticated connoisseurs of poetic depth. 173 pages This title is out of print.

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  • Бремя - Наталия Волкова

    Yoke – A Story of One Soul

    Nataliya Volkova

    It is an inspiring drama of a woman who decides to leave her husband and immigrates to the US. Travails chase her in the new …

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  • In Search of an Isle of Joy (SOLD OUT)

    Gregory Haimovksy

    This autobiographical memoir explores the culture and world of music in the Soviet Union. Haimovsky’s long and distinguished musical career led to professorship at NYU, …

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  • Memoirs of a Russian Jazzman

    Nikolai Levinovsky

    A well rounded and educated Levinovsky presents the portraits of who-is-who in the Soviet Jazz music in the period of 1960-80. Being a founder of …

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  • Соломоновы решения - Соломон Гиршин

    Solomon’s Decision

    Solomon Girshin

    This book is currently unavailable. Life, ruminations and travails of a renowned physician.

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  • Мертвая Петля - Морис Бронштейн

    Death Loop

    Moris Bronshteyn

    Holocaust survivor Moris Bronshteyn presents a compilation of interviews he took with survivors of the Pechora and Dzurin concentration camp in Ukraine. Born in 1941 …

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  • And the Lilacs Bloomed

    Alexandr Shteyn

    “And the Lilacs Bloomed” is a collection of Alexandr Shteyn’s good humored and colorful poetry. Born in Kiev, he has been living in New York …

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  • Contemporary American Medications and their Russian Analogues

    A. Kleyner, S. Buslovich, V. Makotchenko

    The 4th expanded and updated edition of “Contemporary American Medications and their Russian Analogues”, by Prof. Anatoly Kleyner, Prof. Solomon. Buslovich, and Prof. Viktoria. Makotchenko. …

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  • Spymasters of Israel

    Spymasters of Israel

    Stewart Steven

    A definitive inside look at the world’s best intelligence service. Steven presents the entire history of all Israeli intelligence services, their developments, the men who …

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  • Vasily Aksenov

    In Search of Melancholy Baby

    Vassily Aksyonov

    In this memoir, Russian novelist V. Aksyonov describes his growing alienation from the Soviet regime and his gradual acceptance of his adopted homeland: the United …

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  • The Grand Failure - Zbigniew Brzezinski

    The Grand Failure

    Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Few people can claim more thorough knowledge and understanding of the Soviet system than Zbigniew Brzezinski. This is the original book that explained and predicted the demise of the Soviet Union.

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  • Kind Memory of the Heart - Prominent Jewish Professors of Medicine in the Soviet Union - Anatoly Kleyner

    Kind Memory of the Heart

    Anatoly Kleyner

    Kind Memory of the Heart – Prominent Jewish Professors of Medicine in the Soviet Union This book is a biographical encyclopedia of Russian and Ukrainian …

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  • Memoirs

    Alexander A. Fetisoff

    The memoirs of A.A. Fetisoff, one of the founders of the Church of St. John the Baptist in Washington DC, constitutes an important page in …

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  • Notebook of a Graphomaniac

    Yan Gors

    The poetry of Yan Gors can be described as caustic, biting, and entertaining. In his professional life, Yan is an engineer that has one numerous …

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  • Adieu My Dear Friends

    Josef Tsibulia

    The first ever published collection of lyrical poetry by veteran underground poet Josef Tsibulia. This book is out of print.

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