• The Three Worlds

    Serge Yarovoi

    Сергей Яровой. Поэт, ученый, переводчик. По профессии биохимик/молекулярный биолог, автор многочисленных научных публикаций. Защитил диссертацию в Институте Биоорганической Химии РАН. Выехал на Запад в 1994 …

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  • Аркадий Цырлин

    Farewell Motherland

    Arkadiy Tsyrlin

    «Все свое ношу с собою» – говорили древние римляне, имея в виду талант и знания. Главная ценность любого иммигранта из бывшего СССР – это не …

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  • Gena Gruz – Earthly Entities

    Earthly Entities

    Gena Gruz

    Женя Груз родилась в Советском Союзе, в ранней юности переехала в США. Живёт в Нью-Йорке. Занимается живописью и поэзией. Её работы были частью передвижной выставки …

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  • My America - Америка моя - Тельман Сафаров

    My America

    Telman Safarov

    Сборник стихотворений 56-ти поэтов посвященные Америке.  Этот сборник должен быть в каждом доме новых американцев. ОТ ИЗДАТЕЛЯ Иммигранты внесли богатый вклад в американскую культуру и, …

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  • Женя Груз – Лучащееся одиночество

    Radiant Solitude

    Gena Gruz

    Poet, biologist, artist. In a word: Leonardo is at the garbage dump of our time. During her life, the author in various forms, wanted to …

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  • At the Crossroads of our Epochs

    Aron Reznikoff

    Этот сборник вобрал в себя стихи, написанные Ароном Резниковым за много лет: от периода рассвета социализма, устремленного к «светлому коммунистическому будущему», до иммиграции в США …

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  • АнтиУтопия – Татьяна Ананич


    Tatiana Ananich

    Tatiana Ananich is a poet of original intuitive thinking who’s poetry demands inquisitive reading.

    Saturated with bright metaphors and allusions, covering both contemporary and cultural origins, her poetry evokes a spectrum of philosophical associations and reflections. It is dominated by motives of loneliness, hopelessness and the absurdity of existence.

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  • My Stone Suit is Too Tight

    Alexander Khochinsky

    Lyrical poetry about life and longings in Leningrad during 1970-ies. Interesting, touching and revealing. 107 pages, includes author’s photos My Stone Suit is Too Tight is …

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  • One Way Correspondence

    Marina Berkovich

    Powerful lyrical poetry by Marina Berkovich. 158 pages

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  • Мой Иерусалим - Исаак Манькин

    My Jerusalem

    Isaak Mankin

    Poetry dedicated to 3000 years of Jerusalem. Issak Mankin is a doctor of Physics and a specialist in radio-electronics, has authored more than 100 scientific …

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  • Эхо тишины - Юлия Резина

    Echo of Silentium

    Julia Rezina

    The main quest of Julia Rezina’s refined and touching poetry is her search for the ever elusive secret of Inspiration. The main quest of Julia …

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  • Happy Encounters

    Zakhar Gershkovich

    Lyrical poetry by Zakhar Gershkovich published posthumously by his wife Lidia Khvatskaya; Life, Love and Odessa. 153 pages This book is unavailable.

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  • Suppress in Me the Strive to Love

    Anya Deutsch

    This is the first Collection of poetry from Moscow native Anya Deutsch.

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  • And I March through this Life

    Telman Safarov

    A collection of poetry from Telman Safarov. 408 pages, with illustrations and photos from the poet’s archive. The book is sold out. Safarov’s To Reach the …

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  • Lyrical Philosophical Poetry

    Albert Yakubov-Aroni

    Collection of poetry, drama and essays on theater and music present the unknown world of cultural and spiritual life of people from Bukhara. This book …

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  • Birds of Departing Love

    Alexander Korotko

    The poetry of leading Ukrainian poet Alexander Korotoko has been praised around the world in thousands of words – including deep, sensitive and tender. Alexander …

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  • Эхо любви - Галина Романова

    Echo of Love

    Galina Romanova

    Poetry by Galina Romanova. В череде повседневных забот Мы теряем подчас дорогое – Жизни радость, поэзии взлет, Благодатное чувство покоя… Неба синь застилает тоска, Дождь …

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  • Унеси меня в даль светлую - Рима Марон

    Sweep Me Away to the Brightest Distance

    Rima Maron

    An unbound zest for life characterizes the poetry of Rimma Maron. Though her poetry misses the colors of Van Gogh’s “sunflowers”, it is filled with …

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  • Sale!
    Онегин наших дней - Лери

    Onegin of Our Days

    Leri (Klopotovski)

    Originally published in 1923 in Berlin, this satirical novel in Pushkin-like verse presents a vivid portrait of the uprooted generation of Russian intelligentsia and their …

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  • The Shallow Cry of a Human’s Soul (Bilingual)

    Sonya Burlan

    Sonya began writing poetry at the age of six. There is something mystical about her poems that defies comprehension. The poems appeared suddenly on pieces …

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  • Anna Voldziker

    Grateful to Destiny and God

    Anna Voldziker

    Благодарю судьбу в 20-м веке За жизнь, что прожита не зря. Порой окрашенной в зебристом цвете Но не любить ее нельзя. Благодарю за смены зим …

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  • Сообщенность - Ростислав Дижур


    Rostislav Dizhur

    High-octane lyrical poetry; recommended to only the most sophisticated connoisseurs of poetic depth. 173 pages This title is out of print.

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  • Vladimir-Simonov

    In Search of a Woman

    Vladimir Simonov

    What do you get when you merge a Slavic soul with southern California new-age biker and surfer? Vladimir Simonov delivers a mighty hymn to Woman …

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  • Svetlana-Tulskaya

    My Magic World

    Svetlana Tulskaya

    Svetlana Tuslkaya was born on February 10, the day when Alexander Pushkin, the icon of Russian poetry died in a provoked duel. On that day, …

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  • Валерия Коренная

    Solitaire Length of Life

    Valeria Korennaya

    This book consists of 72 pages of poetry, followed by a short novel in which Korennaya unveils the dramas of the Russian bohemian life in …

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  • Besik Kavshbaia

    Freedom Imprisoned

    Besik Kavshbaia

    Третий сборник лирических поэм молодого поэта Грузии, проживающего сейчас в Нью Йорке. Lyrical poems by a seasoned Georgian poet. ძვირფასო მკითხველო, ასე მგონია, თითქოს ამ …

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  • Огненная тропа - Наталья Романовна

    The Fiery Path

    Natalia Romanova

    Natalia Romanova’s first publication, a collection of a raw, intensive and volcanic poetry. With a background in theater and acting, Ms. Romanovna studied drama at …

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    The Collected Works 1952-1990

    Yevgeny Yevtushenko

    This volume is a mirror image of the English translation; each page begins and ends with the same line. This makes it very valuable to …

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  • Разбитые скрижали - Семен Фруг Semyon-Frug---Broken-Tablets

    Complete Collection of Poems

    Semyon Frug

    When Semyon G. Frug died in 1916 in Odessa, over 100,000 admirers followed the procession to his final resting place. Writing primarily in Russian, he …

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  • And the Lilacs Bloomed

    Alexandr Shteyn

    “And the Lilacs Bloomed” is a collection of Alexandr Shteyn’s good humored and colorful poetry. Born in Kiev, he has been living in New York …

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  • Якорь Надежды - Светлана Флейшакер

    Anchor of Hope

    Svetlana Fleishaker

    Having received an extensive music education, Svetlana Fleishaker has turned to composing music for movies. Together with her brother she has set a management company …

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  • Золотые Перчатки - М. Салита и Г. Петров

    Golden Gloves

    M. Salita & G. Petrov

    “Golden Gloves” is the compelling biography of Ukrainian born Jewish-American boxer Dmitriy Salita. The book is uniquely written from beginning to end in the in …

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  • Мозаика жизни. Стихи и проза - Галина Мандельштам

    The Mosaic of Life

    Galina Mandelshtam

    The Mosaic of Life- Prose & Poetry for Kids ages 5 to 95. An inviting and unusual potpourri of prose, poetry, reminiscence of Leningrad and …

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  • Revisiting my Footsteps

    Boris Kamyanov

    “Revisiting My Footsteps” is a beautiful tale of one life lived in two civilizations. Boris Kamyanov’s autobiography is a light journey filled with self-deprecating humor …

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  • To Reach the Final Heights

    Telman Safarov

    The bursaries of Telman Safarov are to be envied. He not only is he a lyrical poet, but also professional athlete, scholar and researcher. Safarov’s …

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  • Серебряный ветер - Мария Райкис

    Silver Wind

    Maria Raikis

    Dear Readers, I am very pleased that you have decided to look into this book “Silver Wind”. Poetry – is the music of the soul …

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  • Golden Link - Alexander Zagorulko

    Golden Link (Bilingual)

    Alexander Zagorulko

    Descending from two generations of ardent communists, Alexander Zagorulko in the post-Soviet period discovered religion, took a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and wrote poetry devoted to …

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  • Notebook of a Graphomaniac

    Yan Gors

    The poetry of Yan Gors can be described as caustic, biting, and entertaining. In his professional life, Yan is an engineer that has one numerous …

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  • Adieu My Dear Friends

    Josef Tsibulia

    The first ever published collection of lyrical poetry by veteran underground poet Josef Tsibulia. This book is out of print.

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  • Bless Me, My Strophe!

    Ida Rabayeva-Skorodinskaya

    Poetry devoted to topics that touch emigre lives. Ida Rabayeva’s poetry bribe the reader with their elegant simplicity, and thirst for life. Ida Rabayeva was …

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