• My West Bank

    Alon Gook

    Available in eBook format from: Apple Books and Google Play, and Barnes & Noble – $2.99. Alon Gook describes his initial steps as a volunteer …

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  • Золотые Перчатки - М. Салита и Г. Петров

    Golden Gloves

    M. Salita & G. Petrov

    Available in eBook format from: Apple Books and Google Play, and Barnes & Noble – $2.99. “Golden Gloves” is the compelling biography of Ukrainian born …

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  • Alexander Tavrovksy

    Stalin’s Gambit in the Summer оf 1945

    Alexander Tavrovsky

    Available in eBook format from: Apple Books , Google Play, and Barnes & Noble – $2.99. An engrossing novel full of psychological nuances and historical …

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  • София Тамаркина - Праздники еврейского народа: 8 окон года

    Eight Windows into the Jewish Holidays

    Sofya Tamarkin

    Sofya Tamarkin’s book in verse perfectly covers the eight major Jewish festivals and represents the “ABCs” of Jewish History for children. It is impossible to …

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  • Игры Богемы - Борис Могилевский

    Bohemian Games

    Boris Mogilevsky

    Boris Mogilevsky author of the “Notes of an Antiques Swindler”, presents a unique view into the lives and history of Leningrad’s Bohemia in the 1950-70. …

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  • Grigory Rasputin - My Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

    My Pilgrimage to Jerusalem (bilingual)

    Grigory Rasputin

    Hundreds of books have been written about Rasputin, but very few people know that Rasputin himself authored a book. My Pilgrimage to Jerusalem was written as a gift for Tsar Nicholas II in 1915, in a print run of only 50 copies.

    There are few figures in history to whom so much research has been devoted; and about whom so much media, including biographies, memoirs, novels, films and even an opera, have been created, than the Siberian “wise man” Grigory Rasputin (1869-1916).

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