• Побег из Бабьего Яра - Яков Капер

    Escape from Babiy Yar

    Yakov Kaper

    Документальные воспоминания о его побеге из Бабьего Яра кратко и без прикрас описал Яков Капер в этой книге. О том, что с ним случилось в …

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  • Одиссея надежды – Йозеф Казицкас

    Odyssey of Hope

    Joseph Kazickas

    “Odyssey of Hope” is the compelling historical biographical tale of a Lithuanian from the small village of Chernaya Padina in the Saratov province, which was …

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  • Sir Drakon – Igor Karash

    Sir Drakon (English)

    Igor Karash

    This picture book, “Sir Drakon”, is loosely based on the play “The Dragon” written by the Soviet children’s book author and playwright Eugene Schwartz (1896 …

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  • Александр Лыгин

    The Interrupted Flight

    Alexander Lygin

    Оn September 11, 2001, the most tragic day of America, 2,975 innocent people were murdered. But this cold statistical number blends the depth of this …

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  • Лучащееся одиночество

    Radiant Solitude

    Gena Gruz

    Poet, biologist, artist. In a word: Leonardo is at the garbage dump of our time. During her life, the author in various forms, wanted to …

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    Victor Obraztsov, Anna Idelevich, Leonid Fokin

    КРИПТОПАТЕТИКА – первичная форма выражения представлена студией Виктора Образцова, Москва. Коллекционное, пронумерованное издание 1-100. К ИСТОКУ КРИПТОПАТЕТИКИ Если долго тупить в себя, вдумываясь крепким умом …

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  • Live Life

    Anna Boginskaya

    XXI век – век открытой информации и общедоступных знаний – ПРЕВРАТИЛ МАНИПУЛЯЦИЮ В ПОВСЕДНЕВНУЮ РЕАЛЬНОСТЬ! Если ты думаешь, что пикап — это техника быстрого соблазнения, …

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  • Sin of Forgiveness

    Anna Boginskaya

    XXI век – век открытой информации и общедоступных знаний – ПРЕВРАТИЛ МАНИПУЛЯЦИЮ В ПОВСЕДНЕВНУЮ РЕАЛЬНОСТЬ! Манипуляция – это скрытый психологический прием, цель которого – получить …

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  • Alexander-Dmitriev Little Man in Big City Cover

    Little Man in the Big City

    Alexander Dmitriev

    «Маленький человек большого города» Александра Дмитриева – это книга о нас с вами, а это всегда интересно. Русский Дмитриев со своей женой еврейкой и детьми …

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  • Катерина Скородинская Polukrovka front cover

    Mixed Ethnicity

    Katerina Skorodinskaya

    «Полукровка» – это сборник рассказов и повестей Катерины Скородинской. Ее проза – легкая и глубокая одновременно, игровая и серьезная, насмешливая и сочувствующая, реалистичная и сюрреалистичная …

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  • Зеэв Фридман

    The Eve of November Seventh

    Ze'ev Fridman

    The Eve of November Seventh is the tragic story of a lonely, artistic, sensitive man who lives in a grey and depressing totalitarian society. He …

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  • At the Crossroads of our Epochs

    Aron Reznikoff

    Этот сборник вобрал в себя стихи, написанные Ароном Резниковым за много лет: от периода рассвета социализма, устремленного к «светлому коммунистическому будущему», до иммиграции в США …

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  • The Sun in the Blood

    Vladimir Fromer

    ЭТО КНИГА ХОРОШЕГО ПИСАТЕЛЯ… Владимир Фромер – трубадур Израиля эпохи блистательных войн и побед, Израиля полководцев и героев, искателей истины и беспутных гениев. Сложность, глубина, …

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  • The 35

    In January 1948, Lamed Hey, a platoon of 35 soldiers, was sent to reinforce four besieged kibbutzim south of Jerusalem against Arab attacks. The 35 …

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  • Sale!
    Эхуд Дискин

    Lonely Wolf in Jerusalem

    Ehud Diskin

    This book is available in eBook format from Apple Books – $3.99.   Ehud Diskin’s historical WW2 novel opens as the Nazis armies capture the …

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  • Don’t Ever Say You’re Going Your Last Path

    Michael Goldshvartz

    This is a piercing story about music and love, about betrayal and hatred; the story of how the soul of a Jewish pianist, who died …

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  • Эндокринная система- регулятор нашей жизнедеятельности

    The Endocrine System – Regulator of Bodily Functions

    Viktoriya Makotchenko & Anatoly Kleyner

    This book examines the many functions of endocrine system, which controls virtually all of our body internal functions. Everything in the body is subject to …

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  • Anatoly Kleyner Life in Motion- Source of Your Health

    Life in Motion- The Source of your Health

    Anatoly Kleyner

    Are your feet sore? Does your back is hurt? Are you having trouble with mobility? These problems are all too familiar to many of us. …

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  • Anatoly Kleyner - Digestive System

    The Digestive System – Key to our Health

    Anatoly Kleyner

    The intestine is our second brain. We used to believe that the “smartest” multi-functional organ of our body is in our head. However, the brain …

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  • Allergies

    Anatoly Kleyner

    Most of us have developed some form of allergies in our life, making it one of the most common conditions in modern society. This is …

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  • Рациональное питание-ключ к активному долголетию

    A Balanced Diet – The Key to a Long and Active Life

    Anatoly Kleyner & Vladimir Baranov

    The next book in the series “Patient Home Library” is dedicated to our nutrition. The book outlines the optimal variant of therapeutic nutrition for certain …

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  • Oleg V. Tozoni

    Democracy and its Opponents in the 21st Century

    Oleg V. Tozoni

    Today, the question of Democracy is on the front pages of all newspapers and debated daily on TV and radio programs, and yet, most people …

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  • The Six Day War

    Leonid Vayman

    Poem with Commentaries (in Russian) & Maps This short and incisive historical survey of events that triggered the Six Day war in June 1967, is …

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  • Иллюзии и истины театра - Алла Цыбульская

    Illusion and Truth of the Theater

    Alla Tsybulskaya

    Alla Tsybulskaya, veteran professional theater critic has created a unique and superb anthology of the Russian, Israeli and American theaters and their prominent staging of …

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  • Healthy Respitory Systems – Source of Longevity

    Anatoly Kleyner

    The Romans’ popular wisdom stated: As long as I breath – I hope. Indeed, the respiratory system is the carburetor of our personal engine. In …

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  • Prison Diaries (English)

    Eduard Kuznetsov

    In 1970 a small band of Soviet Jews, led by Eduard Kuznetsov and emboldened by the heroism of the Israelis in the Six-Day War, conceived …

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  • Ekatarina Salmanova

    Sex and Lies in American College

    Ekaterina Salmanova

    What are the chances of a charming secretary winning her case against a professor accused of rape on campus – a place where official criminal …

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  • The heart Key to our Heath

    The Heart – Key to our Health

    Anatoly Kleyner

    Professor Anatoly Kleyner details the symptoms, diagnosis, healing and preventive methods that assure the optimum health of the HEART – the ultimate engine of our …

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  • Перо сильнее меча: Борьба с советской пропагандой - Лев Шапиро

    The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: Battling with Soviet Propaganda

    Lev Shapiro

    The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: Battling with Soviet Propaganda presents a new window into the struggle of Soviet Jews for their freedoms and …

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  • Вспять реки ДНК - Анна Иделевич

    DNA of the Reversed River

    Anna Idelevich

    DNA of the Reversed River is the science-fiction / romantic journey of three scientists – one of which is the author herself. The novel explores …

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  • Foundations of Theory and Methods of Calculating Electrical Loads of Industrial Enterprises

    Vilyam Livshits

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  • Serpant's Bite

    Serpent’s Bite

    Nikolai & Tatiana Arzhanov

    A detective thriller revolving around the hunt for a mysterious killer plaguing the far corners of east Siberia. In the stairwell of a multistory apartment …

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  • Закат европейской модели цивилизации?

    Globalization: Sunset of the European Model of Civilization?

    Georgy Rapoport, Andrey Gerts

    A fresh look at the roots and internal conflicts of the European history of integration by two Australian experts. Georgy Rapoport and Andrey Grets, two …

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  • Guard Thy Heart

    Siwar al Assad

    The newest French novel from acclaimed European author Siwar al Assad now available to English readers for the first time! What should you do when …

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  • The Threads of Arina

    Anna Niehaus

    Arina, a cloth designer, knows nothing about her parents – only a vague guess about а terrible tragedy in her family. She also does not …

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  • АнтиУтопия – Татьяна Ананич


    Tatiana Ananich

    Tatiana Ananich is a poet of original intuitive thinking who’s poetry demands inquisitive reading. Saturated with bright metaphors and allusions, covering both contemporary and cultural …

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  • Snow Goose Chronicles – Olya Samilenko

    Snow Goose Chronicles

    Olya Samilenko

    Samilenko’s The Snow Goose Chronicles describes what can only be called the genocide of the peasants. She includes the GULAGs, labor camps in Karelia, especially …

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  • Anti-Development Mode

    Andrey Deev

    Anti-Development Modedefines a new understanding of totalitarianism, as a vector of one of the types of political regimes. In a unique style and exciting form, …

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  • My Stone Suit is Too Tight

    Alexander Khochinsky

    Lyrical poetry about life and longings in Leningrad during 1970-ies. Interesting, touching and revealing. 107 pages, includes author’s photos My Stone Suit is Too Tight is …

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  • Bulat Okudzhava : I Want to Resurrect my Ancestors

    Marat Gizatulin

    Bulat Okudzhava : I Want to Resurrect my Ancestors from Great Grandmother Elizabeth to Grandmother Elizaveta. Leading contemporary Russian master of short stories flexes his …

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  • The Art of Understanding People

    Marat Gizatulin

    Contemporary Russian master of short stories Marat Gizatulin presents a rare glimpse into the lives of ordinary Soviet citizens … The lyrical hero of his …

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  • Отрекшаяся - Айаан Хирси Али

    Infidel: My Life

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    The Russian translation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s acclaimed autobiography Infidel. Ali takes readers on a fascinating journey from her youth in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia …

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  • Записки потомка предков благородных - Барон A.A. Дельвиг

    Notes of a Descendent of Noble Forefathers

    Baron A.A. Delwig

    It is indeed a notable event in literature and historiography when the nineteenth century memoirs of a Russian nobleman from a distinguished family are published …

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  • Suppress in Me the Strive to Love

    Anya Deutsch

    This is the first Collection of poetry from Moscow native Anya Deutsch.

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  • Games the World Champions Lost – How and Why the Kings Lost Their Battles - Boris Spassky - Israel Gelfer

    Games the World Champions Lost

    Boris Spassky & Israel Gelfer

    Thirty years in the making, this is the first book by Boris Spassky, the 10th Chess Champion who was defeated by Bobby Fischer in 1972. …

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  • The Veil of Life

    Maria Kayava

    This testimony of Kayava Maria represents the primary historical documentation of the lives of the Finns who lived in the land of Izhora, also known …

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  • Илья Краснянский

    Diary of a Field Surgeon of the Soviet Army during WWII

    Ilya Krasnyansky

    The Diary of a Field Surgeon was written over 70 years ago, and not a single word was changed or omitted. The surgeon, Odessa native …

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  • Implants and Green Card

    Mikhail Shanidze

    Endearing and unforgettable friction and conflicts between two Russian emigres – she is from Leningrad, he is from Ukraine.  Centered in California, their story chronicles …

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  • Birds of Departing Love

    Alexander Korotko

    The poetry of leading Ukrainian poet Alexander Korotoko has been praised around the world in thousands of words – including deep, sensitive and tender. Alexander …

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  • Olivier-Messiaen-in-My-Life---Gregory-Haimovsky

    Olivier Messiaen in My Life

    Gregory Haimovsky

    Ideology & Music in the Soviet Union Gregory Haimovsky, a prominent pianist, professor of Music and author of several books, dedicates this volume to the …

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  • Бремя - Наталия Волкова

    Yoke – A Story of One Soul

    Nataliya Volkova

    It is an inspiring drama of a woman who decides to leave her husband and immigrates to the US. Travails chase her in the new …

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  • Огненная тропа - Наталья Романовна

    The Fiery Path

    Natalia Romanova

    Natalia Romanova’s first publication, a collection of a raw, intensive and volcanic poetry. With a background in theater and acting, Ms. Romanovna studied drama at …

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  • Разбитые скрижали - Семен Фруг Semyon-Frug---Broken-Tablets

    Complete Collection of Poems

    Semyon Frug

    When Semyon G. Frug died in 1916 in Odessa, over 100,000 admirers followed the procession to his final resting place. Writing primarily in Russian, he …

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  • Cancer: How to Prevent, Stop, and Reverse It

    Michael Bobyr

    Based on his scientific experience, microbiologist Michael Bobyr presents a practical guide and explanation about the impact of the aging process on the development of …

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  • Виктор Корченов

    Collections: How are they Born and Wither Away

    Viktor Korchenov

    Stories about collectors of Odessika – all that pertains to the history of the city of Odessa and the biography of those collectors. Hard cover, …

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  • Dilettante - Gregory Haimovsky


    Gregory Haimovsky

    This volume concludes the trilogy that merges Music, Musicians and Love. Gregory Haimovsky, a renowned musician and professor of music, composes his heroes with substance …

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  • Цирк, да и только! Джульетта Шварцман

    Circus, Just Circus!

    Julietta Schwartzman

    A colorful autobiography of life in а Soviet circus. The Schwartzman family has over 200 years of circus life experience and have contributed some of …

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  • Война и правда: Цена победы - Гавриил Попов

    War and Truth

    Gavriil Popov

    Gavril Popov, Moscow’s first elected mayor, presents a revisionist view of WWII that sent a tremor through the Russian leadership, and prevented its publication in …

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  • Russia Demystified - Elgiz Pozdnyakov

    Putin’s Russia Demystified: The Search for Modern Russia

    Elgiz Pozdnyakov

    Elgiz Pozdnyakov is a prominent scientist, professor and member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Russian Federation. He has written several works on political …

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  • Republic of Azerbaijan UN Security Council

    The Republic Of Azerbaijan in the United Nations Security Council 2012 / 2013

    Edited by Agshin Mehdiyev and Tofig F. Musayev

    The book “The Republic of Azerbaijan in the United Nations Security Council 2012/2013” provides comprehensive information about the work of the Republic of Azerbaijan over …

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  • Sergey Volchkov-Predvechny

    Seventh Heaven

    Sergey Volchkov-Predvechny

    The art of the short story has been resuscitated back to life by the pen of this young author. Continuing the tradition of Franz Kafka, …

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  • Alexander Zagorulko

    Duel in Crimea: Maximilian Voloshin-Bela Kun

    Alexander Zagorulko

    A documentary novel about the occupation of Crimea by communists during the Civil War. Voloshin-poet, writer, philosopher and historian, the last symbol of pre-revolutionary Russia, …

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  • На ленте Мёбиуса - Леонид Ривкин

    On a Möbius Strip

    Leonid Rivkin

    Following the success of his first novel, “Hobbes’ Hunt”, this is Leonid Rivkin’s second novel by published by Liberty Publishing House. The author presents a …

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  • Я защищал в Москве и Нью-Йорке. Записки адвоката - Петр Рабинович

    I Defended in Moscow & New York

    Pyotr Rabinovich

    I Defended in Moscow & New York – A Lawyer’s Professional Journey One of the code names for a Jew in the Soviet Union was …

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  • В тисках правоcудия Михаил Белаковский

    In the Clutches of Justice

    Michael Belakovsky

    A gripping true story of an American citizen lured from his home in Cyprus to Moscow by the Russians only to be handed over and …

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  • Беседы с Раввином Смолом - Гарри Кемельман

    Conversations with Rabbi Small

    Harry Kemelman

    Shot through with tension, conflict, humor and wisdom, “Conversations with Rabbi Small” is a rich tapestry of past and present beliefs that Jews and non-Jews …

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  • The Torn Childhood - Mikhail Zlotin

    The Torn Childhood

    Mikhail Zlotin

    The epigraph selected by Zlotin presents the gist of this touching memoirs: “Recollection is the only paradise from which we cannot be expelled”. -Jean Paul. …

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  • Expansion of Islam Vitaly Rayevsky - Vitaly-Raevsky

    Expansion of Islam

    Vitaly Rayevsky

    A historical analysis of the elements of expansion in Islam as the organic ingredients of its cardinal beliefs.

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  • My West Bank

    Alon Gook

    Alon Gook describes his initial steps as a volunteer in the Israeli army, and later involvement in a elite commando unit that specialized in extricating …

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  • Золотые Перчатки - М. Салита и Г. Петров

    Golden Gloves

    M. Salita & G. Petrov

    “Golden Gloves” is the compelling biography of Ukrainian born Jewish-American boxer Dmitriy Salita. The book is uniquely written from beginning to end in the in …

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  • Alexander Tavrovksy

    Judgment Night

    Alexander Tavrovsky

    Summer 1945. The fires of WW2 engulfed Europe. Erased were the old borders, and the new not yet born. Millions of people wander through Europe …

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  • София Тамаркина - Праздники еврейского народа: 8 окон года

    Eight Windows into the Jewish Holidays

    Sofya Tamarkin

    Sofya Tamarkin’s book in verse perfectly covers the eight major Jewish festivals and represents the “ABCs” of Jewish History for children. It is impossible to …

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  • Сергей Кардашян - Юный Капитан

    Young Captain

    Sergei Kardashian

    Sergei Kardashian’s book is a continuation of the classic genre of adventures on the high seas, and the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and morality. Reminiscent …

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  • Зубр - Сергей Кардашян

    The Bison

    Sergei Kardashian

    In the enchanted glade of the dark forest, adventures are afoot. The main participants: grandfather, the hunter, his grandson and a bison. Through these adventures, …

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  • Revisiting my Footsteps

    Boris Kamyanov

    “Revisiting My Footsteps” is a beautiful tale of one life lived in two civilizations. Boris Kamyanov’s autobiography is a light journey filled with self-deprecating humor …

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  • Игры Богемы - Борис Могилевский

    Bohemian Games

    Boris Mogilevsky

    Boris Mogilevsky author of the “Notes of an Antiques Swindler”, presents a unique view into the lives and history of Leningrad’s Bohemia in the 1950-70. …

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  • Sofya Tamarkin - Help Me off the Tree

    Help Me off the Tree

    Sofya Tamarkin

    Help Me off the Tree is a collection of 7 stories for kids ages 4-12. Sofya Tamarkin’s beautifully written stories touch on values, conscience, honesty, …

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  • Grigory Rasputin - My Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

    My Pilgrimage to Jerusalem (bilingual)

    Grigory Rasputin

    There are few figures in history to whom so much research, literary biographies, memoirs, novels and films have been devoted than the Siberian “wise man” …

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