• Мой позывной «МАРТИН»

    Марат Габидуллин

    Родился в 1966 году в г. Стерлитамаке Башкирской АССР, всё детство провел в Узбекистане в г. Зарафшан. После окончания школы в 1984 году поступил в …

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  • In Purgatory

    David Markish

    «В отказе» – книга о событиях 70-х годов, вспышке еврейского национального самосознания и преследуемом властями движении за выезд из СССР в Израиль, участником которого я …

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  • Short Stories by an Accidental Stranger

    Gennady Brayman

    Геннадий Брайман – инженер, бард, автор и исполнитель более 100 песен. Выпустил 7 альбомов. Первых два виниловых альбома вышли в легендарной нью-йоркской студии грамзаписи «КИСМЕТ». …

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  • Мария-Белькинд-cover

    Left to Choose

    Maria Belkind

    The gripping story of a Jewish family over several generations as they struggle to live and love despite harrowing circumstances. We hear the tales of many characters: an abducted child fighting to survive, a wartime engineer serving in the radio intelligence division, a musician who plays in Leningrad under siege, and young people whose quest for spiritual peace takes them to a dangerous place. Touching, nuanced, and often darkly comic, the characters are written with admirable humanity. Woven throughout this narrative is a common thread of the impossible weight of life-threatening decisions the protagonists are forced to make.

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  • My Three Great Loves

    Mykola Ponomarenko

    Автобиография украинского парня, родившегося в селе Жданы Полтавской области. Его детские и школьные годы прошли в разных местечках Украины. После школы он поступил в Киевский …

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  • Lev-Shapiro-Pasternak-cover-front

    Boris Pasternak: Tragic Pages

    Lev Shapiro

    «Борис Пастернак. Трагические страницы» — книга, написанная Львом Шапиро, не затеряется в огромной литературе о великом поэте. В ней, помимо биографии Пастернака, приводится множество сведений, заинтересующих читателя.

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  • Memoirs

    Naum Chizhik

    Мемуары Наума Чижика пополняют коллекцию воспоминаний о молодых коммунистах, безоговорочно принимавших ленинские идеи, но вскоре осознавших Сталина преступником, исказившим не только эти идеи, но уничтожившим …

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  • Георгий Пряхин

    And a Black Pirate Rag Flies Above Us…

    Georgi Pryakhin

    A collection of historical, biographical essays on the leading Soviet and foreign personalities from 1950 to the present. Georgy Pryakhin’s unique writing style combining actual …

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  • It’s Better to Lick than Bark

    Alex Lyadov

    Collection of humorous stories, poems, and uncombed thoughts. Original black and white drawings by Mikhail Belomlinsky. Original color drawings by Yevgeny Krana. 306 pages. Hardcover.

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  • Побег из Бабьего Яра - Яков Капер

    Escape from Babiy Yar

    Yakov Kaper

    Документальные воспоминания о его побеге из Бабьего Яра кратко и без прикрас описал Яков Капер в этой книге.

    О том, что с ним случилось в годы войны, Яков Капер рассказывал своему сыну Ефиму. Сегодня Ефим Капер – известный врач, уважаемый в общине человек вспоминает:

    “Всю свою сознательную жизнь, а говорят, что сознательная жизнь у ребенка появляется с трех лет, я знал отца и его друзей, с которыми он был в Бабьем Яру. Что касается непосредственно рассказов о Бабьем Яре – эти рассказы мной воспринимались как страшная сказка. Ужасные страдания, которые они испытывали, я еще не мог воспринимать адекватно.

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  • Одиссея надежды – Йозеф Казицкас

    Odyssey of Hope

    Joseph Kazickas

    Odyssey of Hope is the compelling biographical tale of Joseph Kazitskas, a Lithuanian from the small village of Chernaya Padina in the Saratov province, whose …

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  • The 35

    In January 1948, Lamed Hey, a platoon of 35 soldiers, was sent to reinforce four besieged kibbutzim south of Jerusalem against Arab attacks. The 35 …

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  • Prison Diaries (English)

    Eduard Kuznetsov

    In 1970 a small band of Soviet Jews, led by Eduard Kuznetsov and emboldened by the heroism of the Israelis in the Six-Day War, conceived a daring plan to escape the Soviet Union by commandeering a small civilian airplane. Beyond seeking their personal freedom, the group wanted their desperate act to ignite the world’s attention to the ongoing plight of Soviet Jews who were denied the right to emigrate.

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  • Gregory Pototsky

    Icon-Painting of a Soul (English)

    Gregory Pototsky, Olga Bare

    What is art? What is the act of creation? How is a painting done, how is sculpture created? How correct are the methods of learning …

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  • Our Forwerts – In Memoriam to Vladimir Yedidovich

    Mikhail Khazin

    This volume is a tribute to Vladimir Yedidovich who single-handedly brought about the establishment of the Russian weekly Forwerts. The pains of birth, its growth …

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  • Отрекшаяся - Айаан Хирси Али

    Infidel: My Life

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    The Russian translation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s acclaimed autobiography Infidel. Ali takes readers on a fascinating journey from her youth in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia …

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  • Life and Emigration: Notes of a Medical Dynasty

    Galina Guterman

    A interesting tale of three generations of a Jewish family that received their education and practiced their noble vocation on three continents. It is a …

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  • The Veil of Life

    Maria Kayava

    The Veil of Life is a firsthand historical account of the lives of the Finns of Izhora, also known as Ingria, in the Leningrad region. …

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  • Илья Краснянский

    Diary of a Field Surgeon of the Soviet Army during WWII

    Ilya Krasnyansky

    The Diary of a Field Surgeon was written over 70 years ago, and not a single word was changed or omitted. The surgeon, Odessa native …

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  • About my Grandpa Iosif

    Isaak Spector

    Grandpa Iosif was a talented musician, who was quickly noticed by the Tsar and invited to play with the court orchestra. After his injury and …

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  • Vitaly Korotich

    Waiting Hall

    Vitaly Korotich

    During the period of Perestroika Korotich was a pivotal person in implementing Glasnost as no other person in the USSR. As the Editor of the …

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  • Olivier-Messiaen-in-My-Life---Gregory-Haimovsky

    Olivier Messiaen in My Life

    Gregory Haimovsky

    Ideology & Music in the Soviet Union Gregory Haimovsky dedicates his tribute to the leading French composer Olivier Messiaen. It is both an analysis of …

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  • In Search of an Isle of Joy (SOLD OUT)

    Gregory Haimovksy

    This autobiographical memoir explores the culture and world of music in the Soviet Union. Haimovsky’s long and distinguished musical career led to professorship at NYU, …

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  • Over Years, Over Distances

    Alevtina Ignatyeva

    A sincere and intimate reflection of a young woman growing up in Leningrad during the post-war years. Ignatyeva describes her emigration and adaptation to American …

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  • The Track of My Life

    Raisa Rubinshtein

    An autobiographical story of a young girl caught in the whirlwind of WWII in Minsk. Raisa lost her family and found herself in the never-never …

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  • Faraway Music - Svetlana Alliluyeva

    Faraway Music

    Svetlana Alliluyeva

    Svetlana Alliluyeva (née Stalin) grew up in the USSR, in what was known as the “Camp of Dragons”, where her father Joseph was the adorned …

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  • Book for Granddaughters

    Book for Granddaughters

    Svetlana Alliluyeva

    In this final volume of her autobiography, Svetlana Alliluyeva (née Stalin) describes her disenchantment with life in the United States and decides to emigrate to …

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  • Swept by the War

    Ilya Okh

    Without gloss and pretension, through the eyes of a thirteen-year-old boy, Ilya Okh presents a panorama of pre-war events in a Ukrainian shtetl, and the …

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  • Eduard-Lerner

    Danger and Fraud: Doctors’ Errors

    Eduard Lerner

    In this biographical presentation of the world of medicine in the Soviet Union, Europe, and the U.S., Dr. Lerner presents many interesting cases where doctors …

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  • Sarah Khurgin Russian Edition

    Storms and Khamsins of My Life (Russian)

    Sarah Khurgin

    The author describes Babel’s Odessa in the post-revolutionary days through the eyes of a twelve-year old girl, pre-war Leningrad through the eyes of a young …

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  • Memoirs of a Russian Jazzman

    Nikolai Levinovsky

    A well rounded and educated Levinovsky presents the portraits of who-is-who in the Soviet Jazz music in the period of 1960-80. Being a founder of …

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  • Воспоминания современников Ицхак Мавашев

    Reminiscences of Contemporaries

    Yitzhak Mavashev

    This book is in the classical vein of a Festschrift – a volume dedicated to the achievements of Yitzhak Mavashev-scholar, linguist, writer, editor and translator …

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  • Blown-Away-Leaves

    Flown Away Leaves

    Vladimir Yedidovich

    This book of short stories and reminiscences is a selection of over 500 articles Yedidovich published in the Russian press including in the weekly Forverts …

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  • Соломоновы решения - Соломон Гиршин

    Solomon’s Decision

    Solomon Girshin

    This book is currently unavailable. Life, ruminations and travails of a renowned physician.

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  • Цирк, да и только! Джульетта Шварцман

    Circus, Just Circus!

    Julietta Schwartzman

    A colorful autobiography of life in а Soviet circus. The Schwartzman family has over 200 years of circus life experience and have contributed some of …

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  • Я защищал в Москве и Нью-Йорке. Записки адвоката - Петр Рабинович

    I Defended in Moscow & New York

    Pyotr Rabinovich

    I Defended in Moscow & New York – A Lawyer’s Professional Journey One of the code names for a Jew in the Soviet Union was …

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  • В тисках правоcудия Михаил Белаковский

    In the Clutches of Justice

    Michael Belakovsky

    A gripping true story of an American citizen lured from his home in Cyprus to Moscow by the Russians only to be handed over and arrested by American authorities on charges of allegedly kidnapping his own daughter.

    A unique story in American-Russian relations where at the alter of this new friendship, the rights of an American citizen were sacrificed.

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  • The Last Tsar: The Life and Death of Tsar Nikolai II Eduard Radzinsky

    The Last Tsar: The Life and Death of Tsar Nikolai II

    Eduard Radzinsky

    A valuable account of the murder of Czar Nicholas II and his family, which contradicts the official Soviet version in which Siberian Bolsheviks ordered the …

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  • Я люблю тебя, Алка... - Алла Богословская

    I Love You Alka

    Alla Bogoslovskaya

    “I Love You Alka” were the last words of the Russian legendary composer and Man of Letters Nikita Bogoslovsky. In this first-ever biography his wife, …

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  • Anatoly Karpov - My Sister Kaissa

    My Sister Kaissa

    Anatoly Karpov

    This is the first memoir by the prominent Soviet personality and World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov to be written during Glasnost. Karpov allows himself the …

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  • Breaking With Moscow

    Arkady Shevchenko

    The autobiography of the highest-ranking ever Soviet defector to the West; an unparalleled description of Soviet diplomacy during the Krushchev-Brezhnev era. In 1973 Shevchenko was …

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  • Против течения - Станислав Левченко

    On the Wrong Side

    Stanislav Levchenko

    The author, a former Major in the KGB, writes of his work enlisting Japanese politicians as Soviet spies. This documentary account presents the unknown Soviet …

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  • Неотравленное слово - Александр Литвиненко

    The Unpoisoned Word

    Alexander Litvinenko

    In searching for the motives for his assassination, The Unpoisoned Word presents a collection of letters and articles written by Alexander Litvinenko in the last …

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  • Stepping Down from the Stars - Alexandra Costa

    Stepping Down From a Star

    Alexandra Costa

    A dramatic true story of the first Soviet female diplomat that decided to remain in Washington rather than return to USSR.

    In August 1978 the wife of a first secretary at the Soviet embassy defected to the United States with her two young children, seeking opportunity for them all to control their own lives. For seven years she lived under the assumed name of Alexandra Costa until the publicized return of defector Vitaly Yurchenko prompted her to talk about the way defectors are treated by the CIA.

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  • Илья Котляр & Борис Котляр

    Memories of a Bygone Era | My Path to America

    Ilya Kotlyar & Boris Kotylar

    Two books of memoirs. The Father and Son are connected in one volume, thus creating the unique historical notes of two generations. The book by …

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  • George Bush Autobiography

    Looking Forward

    George H.W. Bush

    An early salvo in the vice-president’s campaign for the White House in 1988, this is a candidate’s biography but livelier than others because Bush has …

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  • Vasily Aksenov

    In Search of Melancholy Baby

    Vassily Aksyonov

    In this memoir, Russian novelist V. Aksyonov describes his growing alienation from the Soviet regime and his gradual acceptance of his adopted homeland: the United …

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  • Memoirs About my Father Stolypin

    Memoirs About my Father Stolypin

    Maria P. Bock-Stolypin

    Sold Out Peter Stolypin was the progressive prime minister in the Czar’s government who called for thorough reforms of land and agriculture when he was …

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  • Alexander Shatravka

    Escape from Paradise

    Alexander Shatravka

    The Soviet citizens prior to the end of the Soviet regime are usually classified into two broad groups;dissidents and compliers. In his autobiographical book Shatravka …

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  • Записки афериста-антиквара - Борис Могилевский

    Notes of an Antiques Swindler

    Boris Mogilevsky

    Mogilevsky presents readers with the world of collectors, swindlers, thieves and Soviet prisoners. There existed a non-traditional large group in the Soviet society – the …

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  • My West Bank

    Alon Gook

    Available in eBook format from: Apple Books and Google Play, and Barnes & Noble – $2.99. Alon Gook describes his initial steps as a volunteer …

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  • Friends and Shadows

    David Shrayer-Petrov

    The book is written as a novella-memoir and is of value and interest to anyone who is following Russian history, literature, poetry and the development …

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  • Revisiting my Footsteps

    Boris Kamyanov

    “Revisiting My Footsteps” is a beautiful tale of one life lived in two civilizations. Boris Kamyanov’s autobiography is a light journey filled with self-deprecating humor …

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  • Memoirs

    Alexander A. Fetisoff

    The memoirs of A.A. Fetisoff, one of the founders of the Church of St. John the Baptist in Washington DC, constitutes an important page in …

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  • Записки веселого грешника Абель Раскас

    Notes of a Joyful Sinner

    Abel Raskas

    Abel Raskas’ autobiography is a true breath of fresh air in the musty stream of former Soviet emigre memoirs. At age two, Raskas miraculously escaped …

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  • Grigory Rasputin - My Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

    My Pilgrimage to Jerusalem (bilingual)

    Grigory Rasputin

    Hundreds of books have been written about Rasputin, but very few people know that Rasputin himself authored a book. My Pilgrimage to Jerusalem was written as a gift for Tsar Nicholas II in 1915, in a print run of only 50 copies.

    There are few figures in history to whom so much research has been devoted; and about whom so much media, including biographies, memoirs, novels, films and even an opera, have been created, than the Siberian “wise man” Grigory Rasputin (1869-1916).

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